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I was also definitely thinking of the radeon 9800 series and my budget is now 14K. But please tell me the facts about warranty. As I live in Kolkata if any thing goes wrong I cant afford to travel all the way to Delhi. Also any decent PCI-Express cards for 10k?

ok this is the right place for asking price-
i want to know prices of---
1. Kingston 512MB DDR SD(400)
2. Transcend .....(same)......
3. Hynix.....(same).....

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to "rahul_becks23"
please visit the nehruplaceithub. Ypou can get all u need. They are saying Kingston 512@400 mhz to be 4100. I doubt. Transcend may be 5500. But it is a really good ram I might say.


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What's the cost of 5800 ultra or 5700 ultra only 128mb and 5900Xt with 128 Mb only. plz don't 4get 2 specify the company as well. I wud prefer Gainward.


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When are 17" TFT Monitors prices going to fall in India ? By TFT monitors, I mean LCD monitors with response time of 8 to 12 ms and having both d Sub and DVI inputs.


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Hi all,
What about the prices of these.?
Athlon XP 2800+ barton
Athlon XP 3200+ barton
Athlon XP 3000+ barton

Corsair Value 512 MB 400 MHz

40 GB 7.2K rpm HDD
80 GB 7.2K rpm HDD



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Prices in Bangalore :

40 GB 7.2K rpm HDD - 2325
80 GB 7.2K rpm HDD - 2725 PATA, 3600 SATA

Corsair Value 512 MB 400 MHz - 4500

The Athlon 3200+ is 6500 dunno about the other 2.


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I was interested in changing my processor and motherboard

Is the intel 925 available if yes then what's the cost otherwise is there any chipset for it worth buying with the cost

what's the cost of ddr2 RAM

What's the cost of the ATi Radeon X800 PE or XT or X700XT

Suitable processor for mother board

BTW which is the best AMD processor in the market now

One more thing i don't want to start a ATi vs Nvidia War Here but if i'm buying a system like this i would'nt want to upgrade in the near future so which gfx would someone recommend

Ati deos not support shader model 3.0 but i heard that a new model supporting it will come out soon, should i shift to Nvidia or stick with ATi


:?: WHAT IS THE PRICE OF AMD ATHLON 64 2800+ v :?:

When a i last went to Nehru place(in New Delhi) it was 6.5k . :(

Reading some of the threads .... many mentioned the price as 4.5-4.6k.

Is it that they have mistaken ATHLON 64 2800+ 's price with ATHLON XP 2800+ 's price or i am wrong ??

I wish I am wrong ?? :wink:

If this is so then can somebody please throw light on the price of AMD Athlon 64 3000+.


AMD Athlon64 3000+ Rs 7.5-8.0k
3200+ Rs 12-12.5K(Me got it reduced to 11.5 wen i finally got the system....... :lol: :lol: :lol: )

Remember that these prices r fallin rapidly with each passing day.....


tere_is_no_spoon said:
in mumbai amd 64 3000+ costs 7.7 - 8 k.

Well prices are a little higher in Mumbai.

:arrow: AMD ATHLON 64 3000+ costed 7.5k way back (around a month ago) in Delhi.

It must be a little cheaper now. :!: :!: :)


DVD ROM Drive prices ( Varanasi):

BenQ 16x50x 1750/- + 50/- for black
Sony 1900/-
Samsung 1750/- (available only on demand)


Techcom 52x 700 Mb/ 80 min 8/- per cd.


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hey what's the price of a 6600GT AGP version. Gimme the price of XFX and GAINWARD. And do tell me the price of the golden sample version of 6800nonUltra from GAINWARD

ALSO tell me if 6800nonUltra wud b better than 6600GT or not.


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I remember someone (grinning_devil?) saying that he got the 6600GT for 9K in Delhi. Don't know the brand.

And the 6800nU is way better than a 6600GT anyday. But it would cost around 17-18K.


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Hey what's this! The posts in the forum says that the GeForce FX5200 costs around 3K but this month's diGit says it is around 4-5Ks. Help me with this. Also if you can give me the rpices in Delhi more the better. I am looking to purchase this card or if my budget allows then a FX5700.
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