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LAN to WIFI converter


In the zone
i have normal ADSL router from BSNL, now i need a wifi signal to use phones and laptop. is there any adapter available to convert lan to wifi, or i need to purchase the new router?
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You need a router. Since you already have a modem, you can get a simple router ( ~Rs 900 ), you can also get an ADSL router which will replace your modem.

In both the devices you'll get WiFi as well as 4 LAN ports to connect PC via RJ45 ports.


Alakh Niranjan
you need
1. a simple WiFi router and use that with your existing setup
2. or if you want you can go for a ADSL WiFi router)


In the zone
it is possible to use the bluetooth dongle to use the broadband in mobile?


if i purchase this item possible to use my broadband as wifi?


Broken In
bro u need a simple wifi.router

the link you posted is of wifi adapter for pc

better get one of tp-link

simple and.most useful solution
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