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Kinks from a webpage

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Now I've been surfing the web for a long time and am most of the time image hunting. So I have a problem now, that suppose I see a webpage full of images and I want to dl all of those images then I gotta click on each of 'em and then wait till it dl's. What I am asking is, Is there any software available that retrives only the links to the images so that I could queue it in my dl manager and dl them ?? Any links pls gimme. Thanks.


use Offline explorer

it will make a que of the image links

when it does so

note is down or copy it and paste it

thats it !

u can use snag it to download the images

also offline explorer also does it !


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well bud..i havnt tryed it but what u can do is..install Flashget ....when ur at the page ....right click..and click download all by flashget..u will get a List of files..hit choose ..there u will get the filetypes..so select the jpg/gif etc from it........tell me if it works or not.....


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The best it is USE DAP(DOWNLOAD ACCELARATOR PLUS) JUST CLICK ON DOWNLOAD ALL from webpage ,so it ques all the links for download !!!

Its good !!!

Cheers !!!
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