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!!!!!!!!! --<< K 750i >>-- !!!!!!!!!!

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i want to update my software what is the latest update which se is giving for k750i because my sound quality sucks...

and one more quesition how do i clean my lens of my camera i tried witha cooton but ended up with 2 scratches ... will it effect my picture quality..

plz plz help

my current software is r1ca021 (cid49)

Crazy Kidd

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Yes thatwill effect the picture quality.

Use Johnson and Johnson buds (Usually used to clean ears.)to clean the lend. Use some Spirits like material. Philips cd lens cleaner liquid is good.

Always try to update the software from the Service Center. Because if anything goes wrong you can blame them. Within warrenty periods that is.


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the firmware takes at least 10mb. so u can urself judge the data to be downloaded and the speed of ur connection. so decide wisely. dun worry ur lens is not damaged as its inside the transperent cover. its safe. as crazy said, use the ear buds to clean it.
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