January 2010 - Opinion Poll

Will India leapfrog over desktop connectivity, end up with great mobile connectivity?

  • Yes, a lot more people use mobile phones

    Votes: 10 22.2%
  • No, we cannot do nearly enough with mobile phones

    Votes: 16 35.6%
  • Yes, but it wont be great

    Votes: 7 15.6%
  • Having "connectivity" and "India" in the same sentence is just wrong

    Votes: 12 26.7%

  • Total voters
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Great to have this back. We are heading back to our old days. :)

People in cities have a problem getting good connections. By good I mean like 1Mbps or so. People in so many developed nations have 10Mbps lines, along with great mobile connectivity too. Let's reach good desktop connectivity first, then we will see about mobile connectivity, which is just beginning to find its way in.


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IMO, until and unless 3G is properly introduced, things are not gonna change.
On other thought, it seems very soon 3G may be commercially available through a few more carriers.

Fingers crossed:-D


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this issue...is really interesting.......connectivity....and india....can be in the same sentence....because india too got many technology guys...who are very passionate and devoted to technology..so it depends on the development in technology....whether it is on desktop or mobile phone.....but according to present status.... technology growth is more in mobile computing.....when it is in the case of browsing......people have to choose desktops...as they got no option like 3G in india......we can create wonders with the new release i-phone 3GS....


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Sure if one does not mind the over inflated bills not to mention getting squint eyed :cry:


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mobile connectivity will take off in india in a few years...but jumpin over desktop connectivity is just not good for us...


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What people really need today is not just desktop computers, but information. And we may not have broadband connections everywhere in the country, but we do have mobile phones even in the rural areas. With the prices dropping, multimedia phones and lo-price computing devices such as netbooks can provide web connectivity anywhere.


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India will indeed join the fast mobile connectivity league soon with the introduction of 3G.

And with the broadband connectivity, even the desktop connectivity is also looking good.

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duh.. connectivity-in d rural its worst i'm experiencing 115 kb/s.(????)

i dnt have a broadband service provider. worsttttttttttttt, lif is lik hell!!!!


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Even if we get so called broadband on our mobiles it will still run in kbps & with capped plans costing a great sum of money...


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There seems to be a fundamental limitation of spectrum in mobile connectivity. Bandwidth continues to be expensive on mobile. All this 'unlimited download' stuff is hogwash - it is like asking us to suck honey with a thin straw - no matter how long you have, you can only suck in that much.

However, technology has always found a solution - atleast so far. So I am sure that in time someone will find a way to pack more in the available bandwidth... until then - it is certainly the wires.
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