1. Anorion

    January 2010 - Opinion Poll

    The Opinion polls are back. This is for the January issue.
  2. krates

    Adding polls to threads whenever you feel like....

    Well recently figured out this trick :) Result http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/showthread.php?t=106591 ^^ check out this thread there was not a poll there before... Requirements *You have to be the owner of the thread... Open your thread like...
  3. Sukhdeep Singh

    Congrats Santosh, Charan and ME!

    Hi Finally got my hands on this Month's Magazine and its great to See Santosh and Charan's Software - Gigasmilies there :) Also happy to see myself in Opinion Polls :D Although Place "Jalander" is wrongly mentioned but eh no worries :) Thanks Team Digit:cool:
  4. B

    Polls on orkut

    Is there any way so that i can vote more than once from same account on orkut.com?????:confused:
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