I've got an offer to exchange my SGS2 with my dad's iPhone 4S


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I've got an offer of exchanging my SGS2 with my Dad's iPhone 4S. yea, I suggested him to buy that. Apparently he's finding it tough to use and he asked me whether he could have my SGS2.

I spend most of my time using Linux. Sadly, iOS Phones don't support my OS.

I'm aware about the lack of USB Mass Storage mode in iOS Phones, but I need a quick way of sharing files. Something like a web server running in my mobile.

Here's what I currently do.


Next, I tend to get weird pings throughout day. So, sometimes I tend to check my pings via Terminal. I know there is an app named mobileterminal which can do this. But that'd be requiring a jailbreak right? Correct me if I'm wrong.


And since PL starts next month, what are the Live stream sources for iOS? Anyway of getting Flash to work? After Jailbreaking?

I should be able to watch the matches I want to on my mobile. I've been getting away with Flash streams and watching on my mobile since Flash streams are the easiest to find.

Also suggest me good IRC, Twitter and BitTorrent clients. Possibly free.


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JailBreak is the answer to all your questions.

Install Cydia after you JB your phone.(I use hackulo.us to search for apps) AFAIK, terminal is available over there. But do check it yourself first.


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JailBreak is the answer to all your questions.

Install Cydia after you JB your phone.(I use hackulo.us to search for apps) AFAIK, terminal is available over there. But do check it yourself first.
yes, I'm aware of Cydia and Installous.

also one more question, is this possible via Jailbreak or in any good IRC client?

I mean I use Twicca to handle image files in IRC clients. I don't have to open a silly browser every time when someone shares an image over IRC.



You seem to be an android power user, I have used 4s tough for a very short time, cant really suggest/name any apps for your needs.

You may not like it even when it is jailbroken. The apps are definitely nice than droid,
But the physical difference is a sure turn off, let alone the ease of use and open connectivity which are very important.

CM10 is here too ;)... and preview is almost stable.


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I don't know what I am, but I'm just looking for an out-of-the-box and easy-to-use experience.


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Well for images over IRC I think you will have to use the browser on the Apple phone.
Twitter apps are abundant. There are many many paid and free options available. I am not sure whether or not you can download torrents on it.
For files you could use DropBox.

seeing your overall usage scenarios, would recommend you to stick with the Samsung phone for now. You might really get frustrated not being able to do few things and rant about it.

For Premiere League well you do have few options. Search on app store for free live streaming applications. If you JB you can get few apps for free as well


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Android to iOS is a very difficult transition, you wont find the apps you listed on iOS easily even after jailbreak. I would have sold the 4S to someone (people just want a iPhone, even they don't know sh1t about it, so many buyers available all the time) and would have bought S3 or S2 .
S2 is a very good phone, but I don't have to tell you that :)


Stay with S2 , tell your dad to sell the iphone , one thing they are good in is high resale value :p
As you are a linux power user you will also be able to benefit by dockable ubuntu for android Ubuntu for Android | Ubuntu .


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Tell your dad to sell his 4S.
He can easily get 30-35k??
And then buy a new cell.
Still with S2.It's a nice cell,and you might also get jelly beans


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Best is to update your ios to 5.1.1 , jailbreak it via absynth and use apptrackr.cd to test various apps before buying. Jailbreaking will definitely make your user experience more fun. Also post these problems in iphoneforums or modmyi(I use ipadforums) They have a solution for everything.
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