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  1. tamatarpakoda

    Mobile streaming services anyone

    1. Do any of you guys watch streaming videos on your phones? 2. To be more specific, we all have access to Youtube but when it comes to TV channels do you use any service to access live TV streams? 3. How much of your monthly data usage goes towards video streaming?
  2. JGuru

    Java 8 : A sneek preview!!

    Java 8 is trying to "innovate," . This means stealing a lot of things that have typically been handled by other frameworks and languages, then incorporating them into the language or runtime (aka standardization). Ahead of the next release, the Java community is talking about Project Lambda...
  3. ico

    I've got an offer to exchange my SGS2 with my dad's iPhone 4S

    I've got an offer of exchanging my SGS2 with my Dad's iPhone 4S. yea, I suggested him to buy that. Apparently he's finding it tough to use and he asked me whether he could have my SGS2. I spend most of my time using Linux. Sadly, iOS Phones don't support my OS. I'm aware about the lack of USB...
  4. bkpeerless

    help me with few quaries on mba

    I am a ECE engineering student and would complete my graduation this year.. I want to know good MBA collages in kolkata and how to admit.. also are there special streams for mba like engineering. if so what are the good streams that i should look out for as a engineer
  5. maxmk

    HELP: Shoutcast Listeners Wanted

    Hello Everyone, I have setup a Shoutcast Radio (Private) for some testing with some songs on it. Now I need your help to test it; i am looking for some listeners who will just listen the songs as i want to know how much bandwidth a stream server can utilize through streams. So, guys please...
  6. entrana

    mkv to avi?/

    guys how to convert a mkv video file with 2 audio streams to a avi file, chosing the second audio stream
  7. Dhaval

    DVD authoring problem

    Hello, The problem is i have some VOB files with Dolby and DTS streams. I want to burn them to a DVD without losing any of the audio streams, i have tried using WinDVD and CyberLink Power Producer to do so, what they are doing is they are converting it to PCM or MPEG stereo streams. Can...
  8. anandk

    Browser Hijackers : New Kinds !

    Browser hijackers have started using a variety of methods to trick the user into installing them, but a growing part of them uses vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer instead to install completely silent. Since some of these exploits have NOT been patched by Microsoft yet, this app provides...
  9. R


    How do i save the streaming audio and videos in my comp ???
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