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Is this new Sharp Inverter AC model available in India?


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Today I browsed the Sharp India website (Sharp India) and found it to be a complete mess. Even messier than it was some 2.5 years back when I bought their inverter ACs. Most of the data seems wrong and I am not certain they update the site for newer models and even the images shown against the AC models are right. Back then I use to refer the Sharp Malaysia website (Sharp Malaysia) as they also imported from their Sharp Thailand AC plant like Sharp India. In the Malaysian website I can still find the older inverter AC models that used to come to India like 13NRV, 18MV, 24MV etc.

A colleague of mine for the last few days where asking to help him out for a 1.5 Ton inverter AC, but frankly being aloof for more than 2 years from the Indian AC market scenario and availability of models I need assistance and guidance from the forum members. I find in their Malaysian website Sharp has launched a new 1.5 Ton Inverter model, namely AH-XP18SHV which replaces the AH-XP18MV. Is the new model 18SHV available in India? If yes can anybody quote the price.

Few images of 18SHV to identify if anybody visually seen them in showrooms:

Sharp AH-XP18SHV





I have gone through its brochure of AH-XP18SHV and found following wrt to older 18MV:


1) Newer 18SHV model (2015) retains the same rated efficiency of older 18MV (2011) of 3.66 EER. Even though this figure of 3.66 nearly qualifies for a 2017 to be released 5 star AC model in India, I believe they should have atleast gunned for an EER of 3.8 this time, since these are premium products. Not happy as no real development work was done for the last four years where it really matters i.e efficiency.

2) Cooling capacity range still remains 5,400 - 18,000 - 20,500 BTU/Hr [Min-Rated-Max] as 18MV. I would have preferred this time to go down to 3000 BTU/Hr as minimum cooling capacity for even higher overall operating efficiency.


1) Newer 18SHV model can increase/decrease indoor temperature in steps of 0.5 degrees. This is a step up as it provides an even finer control over 18MV which have steps of 1 degrees.

2) Auto vertical as well as horizontal swinging louvres for better ease of control of airflow via remote. 18MV had manual horizontal louvre.

3) Lock on Sensor that detects the location of the remote control and automatically guides cool air to that direction.

Thanks in advance!!!
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I am hunting for Sharp AC for a few days and to be frank the distributor in my city has no info on this. And along that the official sharp website always give me headache.


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Even I am searching for sharp ACs but not able to find anything not sure what has happened to them most online seller are selling PHT and PMT models.
sharp website is showing page under construction for 5 days.


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Why PCB of Inverter model -air conditioner burn or damaged ?

Due to
1/ Voltage fluctuation ?
2/ Frequently power cut ?
3/ above both ?

How can I prevent from burn or damaged ?
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