1. RishiGuru

    Is this new Sharp Inverter AC model available in India?

    Today I browsed the Sharp India website (Sharp India) and found it to be a complete mess. Even messier than it was some 2.5 years back when I bought their inverter ACs. Most of the data seems wrong and I am not certain they update the site for newer models and even the images shown against the...
  2. A

    Sharp Ac PHT model

    Hi.. i had two questions.. i finalized on Sharp 1.5 Ton Inverter AH-XP18PHT. Does it work at temperatures like 46 or 48.. have seen ppl commenting that only Hitachi goes till 52 and others 46 or less.. but couldnt find much on the websites? My friend got it for 42000 with stabilizer...
  3. S

    Going to buy inverter AC in a day or two please suggest which brand?

    Hi I am Sunny I am from Kolkata ( south Behala region). My room is on the first floor of 11 storey building, approx 138 sqft with the windows about 32 sq ft in total at the south west side. What ton of Split Ac should I get and which brand? Shopkeepers are all preferring Samsung...
  4. L

    Help buying a new phone

    Hello i presently using an samsung galaxy s2 and planning to upgrade my budget is aroung 20k the lesser the better android only and yes i need something with sharp and bold edges like the s2 and not somethig like the s4 no curved or round edges
  5. J

    Wanted to buy Sharp inverter model AH-X13PET OR AH-XP13PMT Please HELP!!!

    I am located in Aligarh,UP(Pincode :-202001) and after reading the posts from the forum members i am too much convinced to buy Sharp inverter model AH-X13PET OR AH-XP13PMT. But the problem with my location is that,any dealer of sharp is not available,I contacted on their Tollfree number but...
  6. josin

    Room size Vs Tonnage requirement data Sheet

    This is a document from sharp.
  7. C

    Please help choosing Sharp AC

    I want to buy a sharp 1.1 ton inverter ac.. please help me choosing from AH-XP13PET, AH-XP13PMT and AH- XP13PHT. Please also tell the meanings of "PET", "PMT", and "PHT". Thanks in advance
  8. RishiGuru

    Review of Sharp AH-XP18MV 1.5Ton Eco-Inverter Air Conditioner

    Introduction Surviving Calcutta's super hot and humid summer last year, I finally made up my mind to go for Air Conditioners which are day by day becoming an essential equipment rather than luxury to middle class family like ours. With an ever increasing demand fueled with widely available EMI...
  9. Richie Rich

    Sony Xperia S

    I am looking to buy a new phone and the main requirement is it should have sharp camera and should have android OS, with all these I like the new Sony Xperia S. So, Is there anyone who has this phone I have some question to ask about this phone.
  10. masterkd

    Display for 12K!

    Please help me to select a monitor. Screen size: 24" Budget: can go upto 12.5k if required but want to do with as less as possible Usage: gaming, watching movies, sharp text production is also required planning to buy it today evening. So please hurry guys. Thanks in advanced.
  11. bozx

    //\\ In Ear Headphone Required //\\

    i have to buy a in ear headphone my budget is 1000 > 1200 INR. i already used EP-630 ( doesn't sound good with iPod Nano - very sharp sounds ) other than that also i dont need EP-830. please suggest some thing good with good bass.... :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:
  12. ~It_is_Andrew~

    need help choosing printer

    I had a Canon Pixma ip1000 but its been a while and it is not working under vista . I kinda broke it in agony :S I am now looking for a new printer than to fix the old one. I will print mostly black and While A4 paper, mostly official docs etc . Need it to be sharp and clear. I will print...
  13. Ray

    Sharp LCD TV!!

    I read a newspaper ad which is giving a 32'' sharp lcd tv worth 41k at 26k at an eletronic store.Should i buy it?are sharp tv any good?
  14. K

    best quality?

    Hi Guys, I want to buy a Headphone for the cost of Rs500/-. I need a very sharp in its sound quality. What is the best for Rs.500/-?
  15. B

    Need help for buying LCD TV

    Hello friends I am looking forward to Buy a 32" or 37" LCD TV. I had went several shops but totally confused. when we go to a individual showroom, they will say their brand is most selling and good one. :p I had compared SONY, SAMSUNG, LG, SHARP & PANASONIC. Only in sharp & panasonic they r...
  16. devil_me

    Sharp develops world's thinnest 2.2-inch LCD

    * Sharp corporation announced the world's thinnest LCD ever for mobile devices, a 2.2-inch screen with a thickness of just 0.68mm. Samsung should be beating this record very soon as they have the...
  17. club_pranay

    How to make IDE Cables more "Air Flow" friendly

    ok, for this, the items required are.. 1. a Knife/ Blade having a sharp tip, sharp edge and a blunt edge 2. two IDE Cables (other than one installed, incase things gets messed up) 3. tape- the one used to tie the wires and cables step1> using the knife/blade make shreads of the IDE cable...
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