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is there any such software???

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hello everyone

i have camera through which i have taken some videos and saved the videoclips in my PC
i am able to watch the video in slow motion in BS player but i wanted to know which software helps me to save that video files in slow motion so that i can watch that slowmotion videos on Tv

thanking all


u want to save ur file in slowmo and then transfer on cd...there is nothing that i know of which does this..still u can visit


and look there...if its there..its there !!


The best thing you can do is get a video capturing program like SnagIt or Camtasia

Start playing your video in slow motion, open snagit or camtasia, capture the video, and save it as avi format.

Then using Nero, choose the video cd format, drag drop your avi file, and write it. Nero will automatically convert to the proper vcd format, and you can watch your slow motion video on tv :)



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Easisest would be, Windows Movie maker 2

Import the Video, add it to the timeline/story board and rght clcik on it and sleeect video effects, chose slow motion, half speed. :)
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