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ipod headset vs nokia hs-28 headset

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which has better sound quality ?

the nokia hs-28 headset which comes default in Music Editons of N70 and N73 or the ipod headsets ?


Why would anybody want to tell the solution to a dead man?
Are you in Hell or Heaven? Im planning to give a visit.
Btw, regarding your question, the nokia headphone has very very poor sound quality when compared to the iPod phones...


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dude i only want to know which one of the both is better . and could you please tell me from where to buy ep630 online coz i live in kota rajasthan and i dont find its availability here .

it should be trusted site and have good price .


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se headphones are awesome nothing can beat them
Creative EP 630 beats every other earphone in less then Rs.1.3K catagoery, hear it to belive it.
sennheiser is also good but it is too much pricey
but there quality justify every paisa spent.
se ds-200 is good one
is it available in India. some shop in new Delhi or some indian site were its available in Rs.
if you want good audio, ditch earphones and go for headphones. they offer a much better bass, something which earbuds find hard to produce.
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