[Want to Buy] iPhone 4


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i need an iPhone 4 preferably locked or very less used.. Just like new.
Also, i heard that apple is starting to sell refurbished sets at 22k.. where can i get them?


you want locked or unlocked handsets ??

regarding refurbished I also heard, but no further report has been made by Apple India.


i need an iphone 4 under priced upto 20k.. locked or unlocked doesn't matter..

See mate , locked fone r gud till having baseband till 4.10.1 (iPhone 4) with iOS till 4.3.5 or preserving the baseband and upgrading to 5.0 0r 5.0.1.
The above baseband can be Unlocked by Gevey Sim.

I wud advise to go Unlocked version , might it will cost more but it will ease to use.

Some Carrirers can be unlocked but some of them like AT&T & few hours cannot be unlocked, that time you will in big trouble


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How much you are willing to pay PM me?
Its as good as new, JB'en but not unlocked
I forgot to add its color is black.
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