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hey guys i want to buy a new phone.currently i own a blackberry and i am fed up of it.i will use the phone for calling,watsapping,watching youtube and other hd videos,listening to songs,playing gaming games whenever i am free.i want good app support also.i have two phones in my is iphone 5 and other one is samsung galaxy note 2.i have used android before(samsung galaxy 3) and i have ipod touch 4g.there are two things that are stoping me to go for of them is games.when i used android before free games for android were easy and boring and dint had good graphics.another problem with android is that its app store is not as vast as ios.i am not sure whether i would be able to find good lets come to ios.the problem i have with ios is that most people dont have iphones as it is very costly while andriod is widely more apps in comparasion to ios are being developed for it.i want a phone which should have good graphics and interface so that it doesnt turns boring after some time.and is iphone 5 a cdma phone and when is it going to release in india?thanks


Well I would ignore the latter part of your text, which I'm sure other's will like to touch upon.

As for me, I will voice my opinion based on your usage scenarios.

For pure gaming, or if you are someone who spends a lot of free time on casual gaming, then there is sadly no other option for you but the iPhone. Even the old iPhone 4 performs well unlike a year old droid.

But the iPhone fails at everything else you've mentioned. Not necessarily failed but doesn't do as good a job as the droids. Bigger screen is better for whatsapp - easy typing, better video viewing (bigger better) etc etc.

So basically if you want your phone to do everything awesomely with average gaming performance then choose the SGS3/Note2 which also has the AMOLED screen which is unsurpassed. If most of your apps are games then surely you will have to look into the apple. But I do recommend JBing it. It turns the humble apple into a monster.

Also a lot of discussion has already been done on this topic. It would save you a lot of time if you just search the forum and find related topics. A mountain of info is available.

I am a droid user.


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Hey you think ios or droids got more apps? If there is no diff, Stick it out with the next bb its gonna be the newest kid on the block, and it may just blow everyone's socks off. If you do value the ios apps you wud want like a bunch of ipods, an ipad and the phone whenever it comes along


If you are fine with all the limitations of iOS then just get iphone otherwise get Note and also if you need a device that can replace a tab and can do a lot many tasks of your laptop like surfing, entertainment etc and you love big screen then get a Note.
My friend is also in the middle of the same situation, now lets see which one he gets.
One thing more, it is worth to get iphone 5 from abroad but not from India.
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