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Internet Explorer 6 vs Mozilla Firefox 1.0

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hmm i'also use firefox. i wouldnt say its a speed demon but its just a lil faster than IE6. and lighter on the system too.


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Re: hi

nix said:
hmm i'also use firefox. i wouldnt say its a speed demon but its just a lil faster than IE6. and lighter on the system too.
leave speed and system load aside ..
there are lots of other things for why FF is better ..
look at my post and cooljeba's post in Page 2



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Well this post will give a knock out punch to I.E
so here by I declare Firefox as the Best browser. What do u guys say after visiting here

I E =

FF =

Firefox says who's next

..:: Peace ::..


Firefox is definitely better.


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here is a big fan of of firefox...but since last few days cant open hotmail in firefox...anybody has experienced it? or something has gone wrong with my settings??


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MY first post here!

I support firefox. It rulez......

I too was diehard fan of IE6.

What i like in FF which is absent in IE:

* Download manager
* Fast browsing
* Easy web page saving
* Tab browsing
* Not a resource sucker
* Pop up blocker(which is in-built)
* Search tab for search engines
* More Plugins and add-ons are available

Everone say IE has a simple interface, but i find FF also having a simple interface.


I like the about MAxton....

* Last webpage resume
* Connection speed indicator
* Ad blocker

The limitations of Maxton are :

* Slow compared to FF
* Clustered interface

Between , i dont have opera installed in my system...., it is a nagware IMO :evil:

I also tried firefoxIE which [deXter] suggested. IMO, it was ok , better than IE.


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Firefox Rules

Firefox is too great. I was a die hard IE fan first, but then since the .8 release, I have gone full-on with firefox. Many told me to switch to Opera, but I can't stand Advertisements showing and stuff. Wanted to crack the software but then I said, when there is a better browser available, why not use it!

Firefox rules and Jeba Rules.



Err Guys,

I know this is a teeny weeny bit off topic, but has'nt anyone out here used:

If u r an avaid IE user and want all kinds of pages to render well n want all the user friendliness u need in a browser...try Maxthon!!!

It can sit atop IE, Opera & use the Gecko Engine as well......

Botton line: Customization to The MAX

To check out all its features, click here:


Certain Irritating things about Firefox:

:arrow: Pages which are meant to be opened in new Windows, when u click on their links, actually open in a New Instance of The Browser, Thats pretty stupid considering the fact that u r using a browser with a tabbed interface. :(

:arrow: When u have ceratin tabs open and u wanna open other links, eg. Links in Favorites, Searches etc. They actually open in the currently active Tab rather than open in a new tab. :(

:arrow: It still does not render all the sites out there properly, and many download links don't work all that well.

:arrow: It still has problems with its embedded Download Manager, which is pretty Nascent on its own, Popular n much more effecient Download Managers like "Download Accelerator Plus" can't be integrated with it. :(

:arrow: It still needs a bit of tweaking to be done, when it comes to Request Timeout's on Slow Connections..read dial ups!

:arrow: Its Popup Blocker and Ad Blocker r not as efficient as those implemented on Maxthon..Try it out!

:arrow: Does not have good ASP, JS n ActiveX support & a few links which lead to downloading stuff don't work.

:arrow: It does not allow u to save web pages in the *.mht/*.mhtml (Web Archive) format. I prefer this to saving pages in html, as in *.mht/*.mhtml only a single file is created with everything.


I Personally use Firefox & Maxthon both, both r better than IE!

And just to letch ya know "Extentions", "Themes" & "Bookmarks" are just other names for "Pluggins", "Skins" & "Favourites", so don't make much "hue n cry" over terminology changes :!:

BTW, Check out Download.com, the most popular downloads site in the World, Maxthon is downloaded thrice as much as Firefox....a reliable Indicator...!!!

Democracy Rulzzz!!!

You choose, what suits you BEST->


Most of you know the History of the Browser Wars....check this out....

:arrow: Open IE....Click on Help on the Menu Bar -> "For Netscape Users"

A Help File Dedicated to make the transition from Netscape to IE simpler!

"Well a reminisance of the fact that Netscape Ruled the Roost once apon a time.....and now its History"

:arrow: Open Firefox ....Click on Help on the Menu Bar -> "For Internet Explorer Users"

"Well Well...A Help File Dedicated to make the transition from IE to Firefox simpler!"

"A reminisance of the fact that IE Ruled the Roost Once Apon a Time.......Well Only Time Tell-->>


I found one more limtation of firfox

It gets stuck when u try to open more than one pdf files. same with powerpoint.


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i am getting time ouit when using mozilla
please tell how to configure it to make best of it
and also clicking links didnt sounds
like clicking links in ie have sound

also tell the best setting for all menus and also add ons


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I have stuck to using Firefox since the first time I started using it. It's definately better than IE, as someone said, Built in POP-up blocker, tabbed browsing,download manager, lower resource consumption, also its much faster and more convinient to use than the Internet EXPLODER ...i mean Explorer.
I vote for the Mozilla Firefox.


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There may be some more manual and registry tweaks as well
Yes please give all that settings to me

Every setting is under Preferences under the edit menu

Cant find Preferences under the edit menu
only have options menu under tools menu

Also when i exit mozilla browser all other mozilla windows quits why
Also in window task only one firefox is seen even i opened lots of windows
Also the browser is stopping and surfing is slow.


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firefox rocks

Tab browser extensions available solve all you problems of opening windows in new tabs. Plus, a middle click of the mouse also opens a link in a new tab.

Firefox rocks.

Opera and maxthon (using an ie engine?) sucks.


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Ask IE For Help, Get a Trojan

U.S.-based security firm Symantec has issued an advisory about the Phel Trojan, discovered on Wednesday, which infects PCs running Windows XP.

The Trojan infects the PCs when users call the Help controls in Internet Explorer. The Trojan spreads as an HTML file and attempts to exploit IE's HTML Help Control Local Zone Security Restriction Bypass Vulnerability, according to Symantec.

Trojan.Phel.A downloads and executes Backdoor.Coreflood Trojan from the down.spainglobaling.com domain.

It also attempts to infect computers running Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 or later. It also degrades the performance of the PCs.

When a .html file containing Trojan.Phel.A is opened, it displays two Internet Explorer browser windows. Downloads a file from the searchproject.net domain and executes it.

The Trojan is automatically executed every time a user logs on to the computer.

The Coreflood backdoor Trojan first made an appearance in November 2002 and had a variant in 2003. It primarily conducts a denial of service attack after connecting to an IRC server and gives control of the infected computer to an attacker.

Symantec also warned about two new malware – the W32.Protoride worm (medium damage and distribution) and Lifefournow backdoor Trojan (medium damage).


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Latest IE Flaw Rated Critical

Two security advisories have cautioned against an "extremely critical" flaw in Internet Explorer.

The flaw, the latest in a series discovered in IE in the past month, gives the intruder the rights of the user running the IE.

According to US-CERT, the United States Computer Emergency Response Team, other programs like Outlook, Outlook Express and Lotus Notes that use WebBrowser ActiveX control could also be affected.

The organization’s advisory says that “By convincing a user to view a specially crafted HTML document (e.g., a web page or an HTML email message), an attacker could execute arbitrary code with the privileges of the user. The attacker could also cause IE (or the program using the WebBrowser control) to crash.�

It also says that there is no complete solution to the problem. But Windows XP Service Pack 2 is not affected. Other solutions that the organization recommends is sending mails in plain text, disabling active scripting (which would make it difficult for the attacker to execute malicious code), not following unknown links and maintaining updated antivirus software.

The vulnerability is created due to the way IE handles the SRC and NAME attributes of the Frame and iFrame elements.

Advisory Secunia advises to use another product.

Courtesy: http://www.techtree.com/techtree/jsp/showstory.jsp?storyid=56041


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FF fans ... plz help ...

say ... if i want 2 delete some files from 1 particular site, how 2 do it ??? ...

being an IE 6 user ... i could delete these files (jpg, swf & etc) separately without deleting the site link ...

as i regularly visit sites 4 wallpapers, its difficult 4 me 2 keep almost all in history ... so i used 2 delete them 1 by 1 (in IE), as 2 reduce folder size ... could this also happen in FF ...

bt clearing cache removes all the history in FF ...

plz give me a solution ... wanna dump IE as soon as possible ...
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