internal TV tuner??


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budget: Rs.1000 [+/- 300]

New/Used : any will do as long as its working fine

Requirements: to record TV programs from SD set top box/gameplay from gaming consoles @ SD resolutions [using composite cables]

Type : internal PCI / PCI-E based TV tuner

plz suggest a good quality VFM product.

and clear doubts:

1. is there any input lag in internal TV tuner? for eg: late movement on screen after pressing a button on controller while recording gameplay from consoles [i know its a bad idea but primary reason to buy this is to record TV programs from my SD DSTB]

i have used external TV tuner box and there is no input lag in it.

2. how much HDD space is required ?? eg: while recording footage from fraps, it takes 1+ GB for 1 min of video.

3. is it illegal to record TV programs ?? [i am not going to distribute it] :(

Flipkart: AverMedia AVerTV SUPER 009 (M733) TV Tuner Card: Tv Tuner Card

i am thinking about buying this


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1. I have a Zeb. External TV Tuner and I dont face any lags BTW. But the clarity is not like that of TV, its a bit noisy and some channels are not very much clear. I think its the same with internal ones too. Moreover Avermedia is a good brand so IMO you wont face any probs.

2. I am not sure about the HDD space consumption. If FRAPS consumes so much HDD space then try some other similar softwares.

3. Yes, its very much legal unless you make illegal copies and distribute 'em.

Yes, the one you have selected is a good card. Go for it.


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As some of us had mention having used external TV tuner, I would like to know that does ext tuner affect(degrade) the monitor and how much is the picture clarity brightness etc. Why i ask you this is that I too have the Intex IT191 ext. tv tuner it is advertise as HD TV tuner for LCD. I feel iam unlucky with this, when i watch DVD Movies with this from DVD Player box through the a/v connector the pictures are not very clear and seem a little bit dim. Also my monitor is only 1360 X 768 but in the Tuner detects as something 1600X900. I cannot set it to 768. I mean its not upto my expectation. If picture clarity were upto expectation, I am planning of connecting to a TV channel BUT ...
Will this be because the Intex is a generic brand ? or is that all TV tuners are not par with the TV/Comp. display quality. Need help.
* upon inspection discover that the VGA pin has only 14 pins instead of 15, one less pin in the center row. Is this normal ?
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