Installing Linux in SATA Drive...

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I have a SATA drive and a normal HDD..

Now Partition magic 8.0 shows the normal HDD as drive 1 and SATA drive as Disk 2

But my main drive ( in which win xp is installed ) is SATA ( i.e. drive 2 )

Due to this when i install linux.. GRUB gets installed into disk1 i guess so the Boot loader does not show up when i reboot computer.. i think this is the problem..

please tell me how to make SATA disk 1 and so that i can install Linux and GRUB properly..

or any other option..

I dont wanna make a boot floppy for linux.. so some1 please advice about the HDD...


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well I think he was installing the grub on first sector of root partition of linux instead of MBR of first HD (which is xp driver)
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