Installing KDE apps in ubuntu

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Is there any way to install KDE apps like kopete, ktorrent etc in ubuntu?? I don't want to switch the desktop for accessing these applications...


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As far I know we can install ny app in ny desktop environment. Such as KDE apps in GNOME env and vice versa.

Correct me if I'm wrong.


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KDE apps run perfectly in Ubuntu(Gnome).
Just go ahead and install them.

Only thing is you will end up downloading a lot of stuff as the KDE library dependencies would be higher.


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My guess would be yes assuming that you would be using the same architecture for both (32 or 64 bit etc) . I believe you could do this by just adding the cd/dvd to the source packages list.


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can I install them from kubuntu CD??

infact, I installed the KDE desktop environment in Ubuntu from Kubuntu CD and also the reverse. Just search in the Net or "bing" your query to get the solution.
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