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Indian Language Software - Baraha 6.0

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Right off the assembly line
Hi to all!!!

This is wonderful FREE software which can be used for Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu and Sanskrit. I wonder why it is not inculded in Digit CD so far. :cry:
I am using Baraha from many years. I find it easy to type in any langauge. I usually use to type Kannada and Hindi. You will get it for FREE at www.baraha.com.
I appreciate the work of Baraha Team for producing such a nice user friendly software. I request the members who are interested in Indian language software to try it. :)

Don't forget to drop me a thanks letter.

Srinivas Natekar


This is a good software, and it was on digit CD, i just cannt recollect which month, but sure it was on the CD.

Main feature i use is "Baraha Direct" which allows me to type in unicode on the fly.
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