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  1. NucleusKore

    How to make a vernacular language site in html

    I think the question says it all. Now if I want to make pages in, say, Kannada, how exactly do I go about it? Do I write in Kannada in between the html tags using a particular font?
  2. RCuber

    All Kannadigas Here.

    Ok I am in. Who else here know kannada? ;) here is a list of guys who know/talk kannada nix abhi_10_20 Gigacore shashank_re a_k_s_h_a_y rakeshishere punk* cvvikram* RaghuKL infra_red_dude nithinks New alanpaladka swatkat gofeddy Hitboxx nvidia* adi007 phreak0ut beta testing ancientrites...
  3. D

    Secondary education

    Hi friends, I am studying in class X CBSE. My father has a manufacturing industry which manufactures gauges for machine components and many other things. I am very good at maths, IT but i am terrible in Kannada Language I study in Karnataka. Now after 10TH whether I should study PUC...
  4. M

    IndiChat - YIM plugin allows to chat in Hindi, Kannada, Tamil

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  5. N

    Indian Language Software - Baraha 6.0

    Hi to all!!! This is wonderful FREE software which can be used for Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu and Sanskrit. I wonder why it is not inculded in Digit CD so far. :cry: I am using Baraha from many years. I find it easy to type in any langauge. I usually use to type...
  6. kl_ravi

    Post Info about your Regional Language Softwares here...

    Hi Friends, We all know that M$ is going desi to cater to the needs of the regional local language users. So I have created this thread to let each one of us know more about the developments in this field. I request you all to post your local language software which works with M$ Products...
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