If Buying online - The drawbacks


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If I buy my mobo online (@ buy.com, amazon.com) what will be the drawbacks as compared to buying from a vendor (@ Nehru Place).


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Do amazon and buy even ship here? If they do, what about customs? Customs especially in Mumbai are a nuisance.

You can order from those sites via ICCworld.com but what's the point in saving 1-3k for a board that is available here and where you can avail 3 years warranty. If the price is a big difference and have access to RMA or something you dont get it, its fine- like how x58a-ud7 is far cheaper in newegg compared to local pricing.

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oh wow...Xenforo!!!
You have Gigabyte, asus, etc. There are choices and there are good boards. As far as Rashi Mumbai's RMA experience goes, someone whom I know from another forum has a fresh experience that when he RMAed his p5q board and they didn't have in stock, they offered either a mid-end board or a credit note that he can take later.

Not that I am saying it applies to ALL rashi centres, but compared to many people (Mumbai btw), few improvements have being made. Someone RMAed their asus xonar essence STX so I should know the feedback soon. Besides, MSI's digilink (something like that) service rep is not consistent so you're at their mood's mercy as far as RMA goes.
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