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Some days ago i tried installing IE 7 beta 2 from Digit CD. I was knowing that it requires internet connection, but then also i tried. At one stage installer asks me to validate my copy of win XP by connecting to Microsoft's site. i clicked on validate & something happpened & then installer askes me to proceed ahead!!!. When i clicked on Next, installer installed necassary IE 7 files on my PC & asks me for reboot. After rebooting i was able to open IE 7!!!!!!!!
Thus i installed IE 7 Without internet connection.
After that i partitioned & formatted my HDD & installed Win XP with SP 2. Then again i tried installing IE 7 beta 2, the same way as done earlier, but this time i was unlucky.
Can u tell me why??????????


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I think that the previous installtion of WinXP is the Geniune Copy or it conatins a Genuine Licence Key.....


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SP1 that you used was original and contained genuine checker (you know, windows update). So you got it installed offline.
After that i partitioned & formatted my HDD & installed Win XP with SP 2.
Besides that was a pathetic thing to do. SP2 can be installed within SP1, even though i'm 13, I can proove it to a <put age here>. ;D
Ppl should be a bit more logical!


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Did u ever try the windows genuine advtge check on the MS site, when u were running SP1 ? If yes, then it might have validated u and that info is stored in ur comp for future references.

BTW:guys, i dont believe that he was using a genuine copy of Win with SP1 and then switched over to use a pirated one just coz of SP2. The fact is that MS piracy detection system is abnormal. take my own case, it validates me as a genuine user and allows WinUpdt feature, but when i personally try to download ne thing that requires WGA check, it fails me. :(

And, as always, u have the tiny JS code for yer help ;)


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Bruce_Wayne said:
I installed Win XP from same CD, i used before & same SP 2 from one of the Digit's September 2004 CD.

Then i wud say u were lucky then but not now ;)
May be the WGA sofware is updated...and now it detects ur copy as pirated.........but there's always a line of JavaScript to the rescue ;)
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