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  1. doomgiver

    Links being redirected through AD sites

    i have found that many links are being redirected through ad-generating sites like Tyroodr, Cuelinks etc. like this : http://cuelinks.com/redirect?pub_id=54CL36&url=http%3A//www.flipkart.com/lenovo-essential-g580-59-324008-laptop-3rd-gen-ci3-2gb-500gb-dos/p/itmdfzf94ywgkxez frankly, this is...
  2. A

    getting redirected on firefox.

    Many times when i click on a link i get redirected to sites like gugle.com and wordslife.com. IS it a virus . i have norton 2011 and it doesnt show any problem how do i solve it?
  3. bhushan2k

    help him out...

    redirected thread link He has put that thread in wrong section..
  4. A

    getting redirected to google analytics

    I use mozilla firefox.Certain sites get redirected to Google Analytics | Official Website It gets stuck there.how do i solve this problem?
  5. amitava82

    How to redirect based on Access level in Dreamweaver

    Say, I have 2 access-level: 1 is for "user" and 2 is for "admin" When a user logs in, if the access level is 1 then the user must be redirected to welcome.php and if the user has a access-level 2 then he/she will be redirected to admin.php So, how do i do it in Dreamweaver CS3? I don't...
  6. blackpearl

    Buying a domain. Have some doubt.

    OK, I have decided to buy a domain for my blog. I guess several members in this forum have already bought it from Yahoo, so yahoo is one of my option. What about godaddy? It's offering .com at $6.99 which is cheaper than yahoo. I don't have any idea what kind of features and controls does...
  7. A

    IE 6 Hacked, opera also hacked, plz help!!!!

    Dear friends, I am totally irritated with some kind of browers redirector, Everytime i am working in my pc Ie opens automatically and is redirected to one of the following Url's:
  8. R

    Pop up using vb.net

    Hi, Can u guys help me in designing a pop-up box which has ok and cancel buttons and on clicking the ok button the user will be redirected to another page. and on clicking the cancel button he will not be redirected. Hope(:( ) there are coding geeks in this forum! Raja.
  9. L

    email grievances<YOUVEGOTPOST.COM>

    iam unable to access youvegotpost.com... infact if i type that url it gets redirected to ---aol.com whats happening there??????? :cry:
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