IBM Lotus Symphony

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Choto Cheeta

Hmmm... did any one notice... the System Requirements ??

Lotus Symphony supports both Microsoft Windows® and Linux® platforms.

Note: Be sure your system meets these client system requirements:

* Supported Windows platforms: Windows XP, Windows Vista
* Supported Linux platforms: SLED 10, RHEL 5, Redhat5
* 900MB disk space minimum
* 1GB RAM memory minimum
* US English locale

1 GB RAM to run a Office apps ??? thnx but no thanks :p

still sticking with Open Office !!!!


I tried it.

It has thi FFx like tab feature so you can open all the three things in one window,there is wordprocessing, spreadsheet and presentation, all in its own tab in single window. That makes it a killer app a

and it looks good too.
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