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  1. M

    IBM Lotus Symphony - Request Free CDs in India

    IBM Lotus Symphony - Request Free CDs in India IBM Lotus Symphony is free Office productivity suite based on OpenOffice.org and supports the ODF file formats. It includes a Word Processor, Spreadsheet and a Presentation program much like Google Docs or a starter edition of Microsoft Office...
  2. mns.saraf

    Free IBM Lotus Symphony Suite CD

    https://www-01.ibm.com/software/in/lotus/symphony/freecd/registration/index.html :)
  3. Cyrus_the_virus

    IBM releases ODF-based Office killer

    By Tom Jowitt, TechWorld, 06/05/08 IBM has officially launched the commercial version of its Lotus Symphony suite of productivity applications, and looks set amount a challenge to Microsoft Office in its enterprise heartland...
  4. K

    Drum Lessons, South Delhi

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew where i can learn to play the drums in south delhi. I tried googling it, but all i got was a "school of symphony" which was in dwarka(WAYYYYY to far) and some wierd guy called "Pepi/papi" with a mobile number that didn't work. Anyone know someone?
  5. desai_amogh

    IBM's Symphony for the Office Worker

    Read more @ .. Source
  6. Help~Is~Here

    IBM forays into Open source world with Lotus Symphony !!

    "Here cometh the Big Blue".... IBM plans to mount its most ambitious challenge in years to Microsoft's dominance of personal computer software, by offering free programs for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations. The company is announcing the desktop software, called IBM Lotus...
  7. NucleusKore

    IBM Lotus Symphony

    IBM has launched a free office suite, Lotus Symphony. It is compatible with Open Document format. See here http://symphony.lotus.com/software/lotus/symphony/home.jspa
  8. D

    Symphony with SNDREC32.EXE

    Hi guys watch this great flash that shows Symphony with SNDREC32.EXE http://www.ebaumsworld.com/windowsnoises.html Do u Linux guys have something like that? Nah !!
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