I wonder how to use those files


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I am a little bit confused or a n00b about this.

In the alpha DVD of December issue there is a folder named Adobe and
there is 3 files inside that folder. I already know that that folder
contains Adobe Master Collection.
But I am wondering that how to use those three files, as they have
extension of .001, .002 and .003 instead of having an extension of
.exe. Please tell me how to decode those files, I am excited to use
Adobe Master Collection.


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Open one of those .001 in WinRAR, and extract the entire thing to a safe place on your HDD. If not that, use the program hjsplit to carry out the same exercise, only in this program you'll choose to join the selected files instead of extracting.


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When archived files are splitted into some parts, it gets renamed as you're getting. The main archive is split into 3 parts. When you'll open the first (.001), it'll automatically ask for second, and consequently for 3rd. Then it'll extract combined.


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I am wondering why digit started to give out files split in the first place! :confused:
Anyway, using HJSplit would be the easiest way to join the 3 files.

Still, split files on digit DVD's! :?
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