I want to download FPS Games

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I want 2 download some FPS (World War Army) action games.....
I checked a few sirtes on the net but found them to be too big
Where can I find something btwn 20MB - 40MB
Even demos would work
If u have links plz. post/reply
Thanks in anticipation
Cheers ,
- Shreyas Bhide:neutral:

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between 20-40 mb try --> *reflexive.com

you'll get small but cool games there, nothing like real fps though & you won't get any big fps game in 20-40 mb.


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^^yeah........but AA is abt 800mb of dwnld, i think u can order a free DVD

version 2.6 was 800 mb now 2.7 is on and it is 2.7 GB..

AA: overmatch (2.7) it is online but sure it is fun..

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