I need a Key-logger. Please help.

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WOW... are you?
Hopefully that question grabbed your attention... :D

well actually now you're here... can you give me some Good one's... that actually works

You see nothing BAD or Naughty Intended... but i need to have a good reliable... WORKING Key Logger (it might be useful someday)

I had one called "Power Spy" was nice... antivirus didn't have any problem with it... but it expired.

Help anyone... please

Mike :)


Re: Key logger... does what?

what kind of title and what comes inside,. well there are many keyloggers.. hopefully others reply for this :p and just ask mods to change the title to keylogger wanted.. :D


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Re: Key logger... does what?

I dont know..but simply using explosive topics to mis-guide people into coming here and them bombing them with the requests is not particularly advisable.


Re: Key logger... does what?

i had actually reported dis post but it seem d admin/sup-mod/mods want us 2 discuss ways and means 2 invade other privacy

so wat d heck here r dey


Re: Key logger... does what?

thank fully keyloggers only steal ur passwords.....not ur gfs.....lol
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Yes I tried one keylogger successfully. It worked and really recorded everything being typed....got all username and passwords with browsers names and program was hidden in task manager as well. But only problem was disabling your anti-virus while it is at work.

It was Ardamax Keylogger. You can even get its freeware version from http://www.ardamax.com/akll/
but the freeware version is visible. Its paid version is virtually invisible even in task manager as well as your hard disk.


I had a free key-logger that was even successful in hiding itself from Norton AV. But after a couple of months of updates, Norton started throwing warnings :p

Search, search the web. You will surely find some good, free one ;)


LOL U hosted on ur site only

Well Guys, tell me a KL which is not detected by latest antivirus,

I dont mind sharing full version with a person


Though the question is a little off topic but please tell me if they log even the keys press using ON SCREEN KEYBOARD in windows
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