I have some doubts regarding new hardware standards

Discussion in 'QnA (read only)' started by Kannan, Sep 14, 2004.

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  1. Kannan

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    Sep 26, 2003
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    I have some doubts regarding new hardware standards !!


    According to the DIGIT’s review on Intel Pentium 4 3.4GHz (Prescott) series, 3.4 are better than 3.2 GHz in lot of things. But why is the price is so high than the 3.2. It seems 3.2 GHz cost Rs. 14,000/- and 3.4 GHz costs Rs. 23,000/-. Is this true??

    What is the current price of the 3.4 GHz & 3.6 GHz?


    In the 915P & 925x series they say that there is one ATA 100. So how to connect a DVD-ROM, CD-Writer and the old Parallel ATA hard disk.

    How to use the RAID.

    Can the 8 channel onboard sound can decode Dolby Digital EX & other lates sound formats ??

    Also what is the price of the 915P & 925x Intel Motherboards.


    Is the GeForce PCX has any performance boost than the FX series. Has any body bought it? What is the price of the GeForce PCX 7570

    SATA Hard disks:

    Is the SATA based HDD’s has any performance boost than the Parallel ATA HDD’s ????
    Is it possible to transfer data between Parallel ATA & SATA.

    DDR-II 533 MHz

    What is the price of the 512 MB DDR-II @ 533 MHz

    Intel 1.033Ghz FSB based motherboards.

    When is Intel going to launch the 1.033 GHz FSB based Motherboards??

    The replies will affect my purchase of the new PC !!
  2. theraven

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    May 5, 2004
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    off to "never ever" land
    1) i think quite possibly u were comparing the older prescotts with the newer lga775 chips tat could account for the price difference
    2) dvd rom , cd writers etc connect to ur ata 100 IDE port
    ur ide hdd connects to the ata 133 IDE port which it should have as well
    for raid u have to enable it on the mobo using jumpers ( atleast on the asus) then u have to set up what kinda raid (0,1 or both ) u want from the raid utility by pressing F4 during boot up when it asks u too
    then install windows normally ... u will need the sata controller drivers ready on floppy for this ... IF ofcourse u want a sata raid. .. all this will be there in ur mobo manual
    yes 8 channel can decode everything .. only its not as powerfull as the creative audigy series ...
    the 925's are barely out yet ....
    915's range from vanilla intel boards from 8k ... to top notch asus boards to 15k
    3) performance boost is there ... but theres no point in seeing the boost in low end cards ... to take full advantage u need the higher end ones ... the x800's and 6800s arent available in pci-e yet .... so ur lookin at the x600's and 5900's .. but with these cards u can have a better solution on agp 8x bus
    4) 4% performance boost .. there have been discussions on this search
    yes u can transfer data between the 2
    5) ard 2.5k-3k for 256 mb. for companies like hynix etc ofcourse ... atleast i think so .
    6) Q4 2004 - Q1 2005
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