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I can't sleep..Need HELP !!


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Find the exact cause of due to which you cant get sleep.
is there any tension you have in your mind? - listen to some soft music at night till you get bored or automatically sleep, this actually helps you release some stress.
you cant breath properly when you try to sleep? - get to the doctor
gas / acidity? :p - Eno (drug) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
thinking about gf? - find out solution for yourself :p

I would suggest get some navratna oil, massage your head with plenty of it, and also roll your fingers on your eyes after it.
the cool sensation gives you a good sleep.
dont forget to cover your pillow to avoid oil paintings in the morning :p
good luck


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If u think too much while lying down before you sleep, those thoughts will never let you sleep. Example:thinking about exam results, thinking about interviews


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Its 2.30 am and I can't sleep. This happens all the time. Every Night.
What shall I do. Please help !!

PS: Don't refer me a Doctor!!
Make it a habit to go to bed @12:00, within 1 week you'll be back to normal.


I guess OP followed all the advices altogether and maybe went in to a deep sleep mode for a long period of time.


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try watching some youtube videos where people yawn !!! :D

humans have a tendency to yawn when they see other people yawn.. :p

it will trigger sleep


try watching some youtube videos where people yawn !!! :D

humans have a tendency to yawn when they see other people yawn.. :p

it will trigger sleep
if people will keep on advising more , OP may not wake from sleep ever.


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Like some SEX will also help in getting a good night sleep buddy. Are you married?:p:twisted:

I do have a girlfrend..Mayb I shud insist her to come over. O wait !! wbt her parents :lol::lol:

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Whoever suggesting OP to sleep after midnight and before dawn, should themselves worry about their sleeping habits. :p

Anyway, [MENTION=287925]kml420[/MENTION]: Some suggestions:
1. Don't sleep in day, no matter how sleepy you are. It will be difficult at first, but slowly your body should adapt it.
2. Start watching a series. Any series: HIMYM, Lost, Game of Thrones, Heroes, Breaking Bad, Prison break... any. Watch one episode every night before you want to sleep. Don't do marathons. At max two episodes if you are curious after any cliffhanger. Try to sleep after that, thinking about what would happen next!

Do just these two things. Works for me everytime.

Disclaimer: This might improve your sleeping habit, but could make you addictive to such show! So its your choice.

Ur Awesome dude. Thanks :) Never thought of that before. gonna try.

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Well .. Stop making threads here and try to get some sleep

I'm Serious Mate :cool::cool: . It is 1 am already :twisted::twisted:

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I guess OP has been sleeping all day considering he hasn't replied... :p

Sorry.. I was off Internet for few days. Had my Exams.

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No, he took this advice seriously..

You Guys are amazingly AWESOME :twisted:

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You made my day. :D

and my Night :lol:


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@ OP : You have no idea what "can't sleep" problem is, at least not like me. And no, internet wasn't the reason, my "wouldn't want to stop" brain was.


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These days I have started to play games where each level is a cliffhanger. Was playing Mirror's Edge currently. But games are more addictive than watching movies or series.

So good luck. :p
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