i cant keep max res in 9500gt!

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having palit 9500gt ddr2 512mb, with lcd monitor viewsonic va1926w 19"inch

i can only keep 1440*900 only cant i keep it higher, i have seen others for more than that is it possible?


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Dude the monitor u are refering has max resolution 1440*900,
there is no "problem" in the system or ur monitor!!!!


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ur monitor has the optimal resolution at 1440*900 which is specified by the manufacturer. There are some monitors 19" which can also use 1680*1050 too, which has somewhat 2 native resolutions.
btw ur card has the max res of 2560*1920, but it ll be limited as per the type of monitor u are usin.
usually for CRTs, there are no optimal resolution thing, so u can go much higher if u can bear the low refresh rates. And LCDS luks much worse on non-native resolutions higher or lower.
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