1. C

    Graphic Card Heating Problem

    Hi, I have a SPARKLE Nvidia Geforce 9500 GT 1GB DDR2 graphics card. I know its quite old. But it is enough for my needs. It was working fine till now. But now it has started to Heat a lot. The temperatures reach enough that it shuts down itself. When I monitored, the temperatures were near 60C...
  2. Cool Buddy

    9500gt in place of 8600gt (rma)

    My friend has got xfx 8600gt 512mb ddr3 bought in oct 2008. It got damaged a few days back. He gave it for rma. Now rashi is offering him 9500gt 1gb ddr2 in replacement. Should he accept it? The card was originally purchased for 4.2k
  3. sanoob.tv

    need a cabinet

    recntly i bought a new hdd,i noticed that there is no enough room inside the cabinet after installing the new hdd.so inm nw looking for a new cabinet. im currently using an i ball cabinet.with a 250w smps(i ball i7272) my config is mobo-intel dg43nb. gpu -9500gt hdd -500 gb wd,500 gb segate,1...
  4. shayem

    Core2Duo E7500 2.93GHz & GeForce 9500GT

    Model number and details|Core2Duo E7500 2.93GHz Details Here|Sparkle Geforce 9500GT Date of purchase|26May, 2011|29December,2008 Reason for sale|Bought by mistake|Upgrade Warranty details|Full warranty|6Months Expected Price|SOLD|SOLD Location of Seller:Kolkata(Buyers have to bear postal...
  5. Z

    9500GT - No Display

    Recently i installed a 9500GT nvidia GFX card into my rig :- AMD 7750 BE @2.7ghz Jetway PA74M5 mobo 3 Gb ram 320 Gb hard disk 9500GT Before i could use my new 9500Gt for my Games , i disabled internal graphics option in bios. Then my pc would not display anything on the screen I then...
  6. ajai5777

    Post your latest sale of used PC parts.

    Actually its a pain a$$ to sell off used components but we always try to do that when we upgrade PC so post the successful trades here. Starting with my list XFX 7200 GS @ 500/- Sparkle 9500GT @ 2k MSI GF615M P33 @ 2k Latest 5 year old APC 500VA @ 750/- Next will be Sapphire HD 5670
  7. digibrush

    DH55TC don't detect 9500GT

    My 9500gt run fine on DH55TC mobo for few months untill the card failed. I have my replacement of 9500gt yeaterday and i installed it to DH55TC mobo...the mobo does not detect the card. DH55TC have auto function to detect PCIe cards which perfectly works with another gfx card, but not with...
  8. G

    Can you suggest some games?

    Can you suggest some games for my not so very cool Pc.. Intel core 2 duo E7500 Intel DG41RQI Corasair XMS 2GB Seagate barracuda 1 TB Palit geforce 9500GT 1GB I BALL Stunner Cabinet Samsung 933
  9. G

    Can I overclock Palt Geforce 9500GT 1GB

    Is there any way to overclock Palit Geforce 9500GT 1GB my full configuration is.... Intel core 2 duo E7500 Intel DG41RQI Corasair XMS 2GB Seagate barracuda 1 TB Palit geforce 9500GT 1GB I BALL Stunner Cabinet Samsung 933 Is there any software to do this...
  10. ajai5777

    What is the difference between a costly PSU and a normal SMPS?

    It may be a dumb question but what exactly is the differnce when even the wattage is same? In my 5yr old PC it was frontech 400W smps.It had no stability issues even with power hungry p4 3ghz ,sound card ,tv tuner card,dvd rw,2 HDD's and 9500GT. For my current config i planned a premium...
  11. B

    problem with amd anthlon x2 4600,geforce 9500gt

    my pc config is as follows os: microsoft windows 7 ram 2gb @667mhz processor: amd anthlon x2 4600(dualcore 2.4ghz) zotac nvidia geforce 9500gt (512mb) my problem is when i play latest game titles like burnout,race driver grid,dirt 2 etc..... it works well for a couple of minutes and...
  12. vinyasmusic

    PC upgrade under 15k

    Hi guys .... I wanted to upgrade my pc with new HDD , processor , motherboard and RAM I recently bought a PNY Geforce 9500GT ..... So don need a GFX card .... Can u plz suggest me some choices...!:-?
  13. TheLetterD

    psu neede urgent

    hey ppl i hv a mercury 400w psu &config; e7200 mobo asus p5n mx 160gb hitachi hdd if iwant 2 use a zotac 9500gt amp will it go with dis psu?>if not which is d cheapest 1 for a zotac9500gtamp/9600gso? pls help
  14. C

    Graphic Cards

    Whish one is the best? XFX 9500GT XFX 9600GT XFX 9600GSO
  15. I

    i cant keep max res in 9500gt!

    having palit 9500gt ddr2 512mb, with lcd monitor viewsonic va1926w 19"inch i can only keep 1440*900 only cant i keep it higher, i have seen others for more than that is it possible?
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