Humble Indie Bundle #3


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The Humble Indie Bundle #3 (pay what you want for five awesome indie games)

  • Crayon Physics Deluxe
  • Cogs
  • vvvvvv
  • Hammerfight
  • And Yet It Moves


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Humble Indie Bundle 3 is live!

EDIT : Just noticed that Ico has already started a thread for this. Mods, please lock or remove this thread. My mistake :)

Hi Guys

Humble Indie Bundle is back :)

In case you're not familiar with it, HIB is an initiative where a couple of independent, small time game publishers get together and release their games as a bundle pack.

You as a consumer, get to choose what amount you'd like to pay for it. The best thing, it's not set in fixed amount, but rather, you type in the amount you want to pay. It has to be a minimum of $0.01 though, because it's not free.

They give you a DRM free installer pack that works natively in Windows, Linux or Mac OS and you can install them as many times as you want, and register them under Steam, if you wish to.

The money you send, can be sent to the developer, or a charity or any combination as you choose.

head over to Humble Indie Bundle for more details.

The games on offer this time are:

Crayon Physics Deluxe
And yet it moves
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Did anyone buy it successfully with $0.01? I tried to gift my friend with this amount but it didn't work.


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^ He paid $10 ;)
I agree $5 is the bare minimum.

Only thing I wanted is Crayon Physx, almost forgot about my purchase of the frozenbyte bundle until last week or so when I read someone playing Trine over here. Searched my mails for the link and downloaded trine, liked it but no time to play it.


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^ Activate both in Steam and Desura. ;)
Trine is a good name, not quite Braid or WoG or Machinarium but totally worth it.
And it's recommended to play Trine with a controller, though I've completed it with keyboard + mouse.


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^^I noticed that HIB 3 can be activated on steam and same goes for frozenbyte. That's awesome :D


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I liek cogs and Yet it moves, donno about vvvvvv the previous indie bundle was cooler tho, so imm gonna skip this one
and I liekd trine more than LBP, Machinarium or Braid, but it was a lot shorter, and not only do you need to replay it with a controller (xbox 1 I assume @liverpool_fan), but you need to replay it with multiplayer to truly expirience it
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