1. N

    Adding function to Export Table of A DLL with out soarce code

    I am not a exsperianced pogramer. I am new in this forum. I searched about adding Export to a dll all over web but found nothing helpfull. I am a big digit fan so i joined this forum . Please help , also please tell me whether any app exist to do so. If i have posted it on wrong section...
  2. G

    Saying Hello

    Hello to all you, I am newbie here, just joined this forum site.
  3. ramakanta

    Which [IM] Telegram Channels are you Joined ?

    I have joined :lol: * * * * * * *
  4. Skyh3ck

    B. com graduate with 9 year exp in business operation, is CCNA or moving to IT a good idea ??? help

    hello friends i am first class commerece graduate in the year 2004 from mumbai university, after my graduation i joined a computer institute as a trainer for office application, interenet, windows os and MSCIT courses. i worked for 2 year as a trainer later for more money i joined citigroup as...
  5. nomad47

    How you joined TDF??

    This thread is to share the back story of how and why one joined TDF. Could not find any other thread regarding this. If this is a duplicate mods, please close the thread. I am sharing mine: Back when I was in college I dreamed of buying a hi end gaming desktop. After going into a job that...
  6. M


    HI friends i have just joined this community recently but i want to know the more detail about new technology.
  7. C

    Need a wireless router

    Suggest me a router which can gimme a good range b/w 2 apartments.. My router will be on 3rd floor and i want to use it on my 2nd floor's apartment..the apartments are not joined.. both are in different directions..My max budget is 2k.. I dont care about d brand i jst want quality..
  8. Siddharth_1

    CS 1.6: KZ hack infected

    I joined a CS 1.6 server with the map hns_floppytown. The server downloaded and installed some files on my computer. After playing for sometime i left the server and joined another server. The server kicked me out and gave a message that KZ hack was detected. I joined another server and the same...
  9. hellknight

    Wordpress joins the Blackout

    Guys.. Wordpress has joined Reddit & Wikipedia in Anti-SOPA blackout today. So, if you have a Wordpress blog, please black it out using following directions :- * Go to Settings :--> Protest SOPA/PIPA in your dashboard. * Select if you want to jon the blackout or show a ribbon. Please join the...
  10. ssk_the_gr8

    MBA Aspirants

    so guys how many of u'll will be giving cat/xat/snap/mat etc.. :lol: and the various other MBA entrance exams? which test series have u joined ? time, pt education etc. i've joined time when do the forms come out? what books do you refer to? let us discuss all this... here
  11. A

    Gameranger wierd problem

    i tried to play fifa 11 on gameranger with my frnd who was connected to me through phone 2. . He joined my room on game ranger and game ran successfully. I created the game room and on his pc my room was visible. i waited for few seconds and he joined me and the game started. But at that...
  12. kool

    is GNIIT beneficial not??

    is GNIIT beneficial or not?? Guys, after spending 2 year in B.Tech i left coz i failed in exam. :-( Now i joined BBA Distance learning course from Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) this year. And also i've joined GNIIT course in which 2 year study & 1 year training, they told GNIIT is also...
  13. hjpotter92

    Social Groups

    On the thinkdigit website, when I try to visit any of the social groups, I have joined, it displays a DB(database) error.
  14. Disc_Junkie

    7z archive repair??

    I had downloaded a 7z file of 600MB from the net which were split into 001,002..... files. I have joined them using HJSplit and it successfully joined. But when I extract it, a CRC error comes. Is there any way to repair the error?:?::?: Or is there any repair tool? Please tell........
  15. K

    Need Help With a Laptop Purchase

    Hi guys.... I'm a new reader who has joined the digit community after reading the Diwali Special Edition in October....Although I'm a fresh mechanical engineering Graduate, my knowledge on computers and computing in appalling....:confused: I've just joined for work in Chennai and I've decided...
  16. S


    Just joined so wanted to say a big hello to everybody out there :) How are you doing? Take care, Shikha
  17. N

    urgent help!!!!!

    i have recently joined a community in orkut and i want to send a message (scrap) to everybody(who have joined that particular community).please suggest me a method from which i can send a particular message to everyone.iam tired of opening each one's profile and scraping them.
  18. Tech$oft

    BigAdda- Social networking

    I have seen mostly ads of this site and i also got a invitation from the site , i have not joined yet . Is the site good and secure for our indians and should i join this site
  19. saurabh kakkar

    u r member of which other forum ?

    oks all the geeks out there let other member know which other forums u have joined . means let all of know u r member of which other forum and Y .
  20. G

    MOBO for AthlonXP1800+

    hi ppl, I'm looking for a good mobo to replace my fried MSI6712(ViaKT400 chip) to support my AtlonXP1800+(quite old. i know...).Even my GeForce4MX440 joined the frying process :( .I'm looking for one with onboard GFX.Any suggestions ?
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