How to stop a hacker at Facebook?

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So the moral of the story is, If you wanna hack anyone's facebook a/c UNCONTROLLABLY,then what you have to do is, Just find the ans for the security qn.
PROBLEM SOLVED. Because the fb user doesnt have full rights over his a/c. Reason is, he can't even change his security qn.:)

Funny thing is Facebook considers this as security. :D


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My Facebook was hacked by this keylogger Mac last week. My passwords are very complicated.
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There can be a keylogger on your PC too. Try changing password from a different PC(or a mobile), and dont login from the current computer for sometime and check.

Yeah, agree with this point. Maybe you should take it seriously and better do as Nipun said above.


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Use Virtual Keyboard always... !

And if you are getting more Likes and better social life then maybe leave your facebook account to the hacker.


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Heyy Everyone,
A hacker is constantly hacking my cousin's facebook account,he is sending random messages with severe abuses to known relatives/close friends and also he is posting on wall by hacking his Account,how to stop him?

You may use the anti-keylogger software named KeyDefender!
I have used it ,and it has always worked very well!

The following is a brief of KeyDefender:
KeyDefender is a next generation of anti keylogger software that encrypts user keystrokes at the keyboard driver level, and transmits encryption information to the destination app in the private tunnel, deep in the operating system. At the same time, it is also kept to release virtual keystrokes to interference. So no keyloggers can steal your passwords or other crucial information.

◦Kernel-level security protection
◦Private tunnel
◦Encrypt keystrokes
◦Virtual keystrokes to interference

The following is some test video of facebook, email, twitter protected by KeyDefender:

Facebook protected by KeyDefender - YouTube
Facebook Protected by KeyDefender - Video
Twitter Protected by KeyDefender - Video
Email Protected by KeyDefender - Video
The Best Anti-keylogger Software of KeyDefender - Video
Professional Anti-keylogger Software - KeyDefender

You have a look! I hope to help you!


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Use Norman Malware cleaner to remove malwares and use ur incognito browser mode to log into facebook and primary mail to change password
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