1. setanjan123

    Customized Phone covers

    Guys not sure if this is the right section to post . I am looking for a website which offers customized mobile covers . As in Back covers . I will upload a pic or design and they will send it to me . Now i found a website called Printvenue but after reading some very bad reviews of the website i...
  2. swiftshashi

    Need good Cover/Case for GS5

    Hello Members, Just got a new Galaxy S5. I would have gone for a pouch for my mobile, but the good old days are gone it seems. I could not find a pouch to suit my GS5 1. the genuine flip cover is good, but it misses on the finish of S5 back panel. It replicates a cheap leather which looks...
  3. V

    [Query] CD Cover printing service

    I need about 1000-1500 CD Cover's to be printed. I have seen different types of CD covers available, I need the paper cover like attached in the pic. If anyone knows and firm who can do this, kindly post their website/contact details. Note : I will design the cover. Uploaded with...
  4. Nerevarine

    Dell IN2030M and NEC V221WG Monitor covers

    Im looking for 2 monitor covers - Dell one is 20 inch while the NEC is 22.1 inch... I need to order online ASAP, since I will be shifting and dont want the dust to affect my screen.. All Shopping websites are welcome as long as it has CoD TY in advance
  5. G

    90 degree sata cable!!

    hi everyone.... is it possible to get the 90 degree(right angled) sata cables in chennai.. coz my gpu covers 2 sata ports and i cant use them.... or is there any other solution
  6. bad_till_bones

    Help on Car Speakers under 2k

    Hi, I have just been given access to my dad's old Maruti Zen. :razz: Must say the car is in superb condition. Have already done some minor changes/renovations on it. Like - Bumper Cover, seat covers, steering cover, new number plate, wheel covers, door protector etc. The only thing left...
  7. ajayritik

    Best thing to store DVD's/CD's

    Guys I have lots of collection of DVD's/CD's predominantly Music collection which I normally keep it in the CD Bag. However I find the space insufficient to write all the albums etc on the CD/DVD. It's easier to write them on the blue/orange color paper covers which we get along with blank...
  8. M

    Suggest seat covers for Ritz!!

    Hii..guys we want to buy seat covers for our new car.. which seat covers to go for??i have heard art leathers r good....whts the price of it in mumbai???thanks...
  9. N

    memory stick

    i own a w200i phone...due to wear n tear the cover on one of the earphones covers got loose and came's what i mean wondering if i can get the same cover anywhere? or maybe earphone covers? also how much do the original hpm-64 cost? i also need an m2 card but dunno for sure if...
  10. kanu2k7

    Need to know about Wifi access point

    Hi all!! I bought a MICRONET SP918GK Access Point * to share and play games with my friends in my building and i told him to buy a USB WiFi Lan Adapter or a PCI WLAN Card but he bought a Linksys Broadband router with access point...
  11. B

    Bollywood Dvd Covers

    Thank You.
  12. B

    Attention GFX Members - Need your Support for making CD Covers

    Hello, Sorry if i post in wrong section :D Now, I am a Certified Distributor of products. The problem is company not creating a Box they only selling items on their website means direct download from website, not giving an CD or Box with Manual. So they give me the...
  13. morpheusv6

    How to prepare custom CD labels?

    How do I prepare the personalized label (like the ones on the digit cd)? Do I need special printer, paper, glue? I have Nero 7 and have designed several CD covers vai it. Please tell me how to print it and have it look as a professional CD.
  14. Kiran.dks

    BURNERS WAR! Roxio slaps Nero with patent lawsuit

    Sonic Solutions, which owns the Roxio brand of products, has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against German software manufacturer Nero AG and its American affiliate Nero Inc. The complaint has been filed in the US district court in Marshall, Texas and covers one of Sonic's video editing...
  15. 56561

    where available mobile accessories ?

    I have a latest model of sony erricson mobile which can have headphone , exchangable covers , hands free device, memory card allllllllll . I am looking for a good place to buy all thne accessories .............. do anyone have any idea where I can find it in mumbai? i am espesially looking...
  16. aditya.shevade

    Where to find CD Covers for Linux CDs

    Hi I googled a lot on this but couldn't find any site where the CD covers are given. Will I have to create the covers myself? Is there any site? Please tell me. Aditya
  17. go4saket

    !!! 100 Do's & Dont's In Web Designing !!!

    Hi Guys! There are so many of you who are interested in making a good website and also want the same to have a high listings with search engines... I found a really good ebook which covers all these topics and is really very helpful. So thought of sharing it with you all. So if...
  18. prankie

    Is magnetic cover safe????

    I have a nice leather mobile cover which i bought for my N3250, but later i realized that it had a very strong magnet (used for closing flap of the cover) my query is that, is it safe to use magnet based leather covers for mobiles.. if not, then why do companies like O2 and palmone give away...
  19. P

    Help Needed For Monitor Problem.

    Greetings, I own a monitor,somewhat new i guess. The Problem. For the past few months i am having a slight problem with my monitor. Whenever i boot the system the display on my monitor covers only 8 inches at the centre of the screen. The display is bent towards the inside like...
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