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How to fly

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Wise Old Owl
Can anybody tell me how to fly the dodo plane in GTA3. I tried but could not keep it in the air for more than 5 seconds and that too very near to the ground. I tried in some guides but they were related to psx and they told more about techniques without referring to the buttons used.

Post the full technique with proper oreder of buttons used. Please post it for PC version not PSX.


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@navjot pls search b4posting.. alread a thread running for queries in GTA games.. a 11 page one! :shock:


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the answer to ya query is well its pretty simple.. jus take of the plane then keep keep pressin the Button 4 IN joypad (sorry i dunno the control in keyboard as i used a joypad in the computer) but i think its that button that keeps the copter to go in front press that button in the kybrd and it keeps flying.. if u have finished the mission of flying a RC plane then this should be very easy
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