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  1. Nerevarine

    Unity 3D discussions

    Since many people here are showing interest in learning this, I thought of creating a thread so we can discuss techniques and other stuff...Also i wanna know how many people here are seriously learning U3D ?
  2. dreams

    Printing techniques !!!!

    Hi guys.. I hv a Canon Pixma iP1000 printer which does well..I use the printer extensively so need some tricks and tips reg home printing.. Like I have a webpage to be printed which as 2 pages..The second page just contains 2 lines..which automatically wastes 1 full A4 sheet. I just...
  3. Batistabomb

    How to access blocked websites

    Guys my company firewall sonic blocked all messengers and mail services, if i want to access these websites from firewall what are the techniques i should adopt,my firewall address is
  4. H

    Anti piracy techniques

  5. arunoday

    photoshop techniques

    want to know more about photoshop technique. Want to help me:confused: Please send your tips.
  6. koolbluez

    4 Easy Photoshop Techniques to Make Your Pictures Pop!

    Not @ all my tutorial. Not that I (or many of our photoshoppin friendz) dunno it. But I just liked all the good photo-enhancing methods in a single place and it's way too kool to be ignored. From the Digital Photography School, 4 Easy Photoshop Techniques to Make Your Pictures Pop! 1...
  7. S

    which software to use for online fm

    well i have seen some fm stations which has online live service as well... by the way are there any such software we can put fm station audio live in web...may be streaming.. or which techniques do they use...? i am not talking about putting downloads but streaming online... what is way of...
  8. N

    How to fly

    Can anybody tell me how to fly the dodo plane in GTA3. I tried but could not keep it in the air for more than 5 seconds and that too very near to the ground. I tried in some guides but they were related to psx and they told more about techniques without referring to the buttons used. Post the...
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