1. sam_738844

    FAQ and Help for Freshers In IT/Govt jobs

    8-) IT is fun...its shortcut, its money, its Black Tshirt and Denim Jeans.. FastTrack on Fridays, Cool Laptops...Beautiful Ladies...spicy street, hell lot friends and Moulin Rouge on any occassion. Also... :twisted: IT has recession, IT has 24X7 continuos stretch, IT has...
  2. NewsBytes

    Fly LINKZ - dual-SIM, touchscreen, social networking phone for Rs 5,509

      UK’s Meridian Mobile, the makers of Fly, launched their new Fly phone in India, which is called LINKZ (V-180 DS). Keeping in theme with their previous releases, the MC160 and E106 - which broke the touchphone price barrier, Meridian Mobile’s new Fly LINKZ is a phone that offers...
  3. NewsBytes

    The Fly V-180 DS - a dual-SIM phone for Rs 2,539

      Fly is trying to create a niche for itself in the Indian market. It has delivered some low- to mid-budget dual-SIM phones which, surprisingly, have performed well in the markets out here. Prem Kumar, CEO, Fly Mobile (India Operations) stated, "Fly is dedicated to bring into existence...
  4. NewsBytes

    Fly Mobile launches two dual-SIM touchscreen phones for under Rs. 6,000

    It seems that Fly Mobile wants to take the price factor out of the equation of buying a touchscreen phone, as it has launched two new dual-SIM handsets with touch-sensitive screens for less than Rs. 6,000.   Fly Mobile MC160     The Fly Mobile MC160 is a dual-SIM touchscreen phone that...
  5. S

    Kiss the ground goodbye – Martin Jetpack takes flight

  6. Faun

    Don't fly me

    :D:rolleyes: lolz
  7. C

    java based movies software

    i want smart movies type software for fly b700 duo
  8. Dr.tweaker

    how are fly mobiles?

    recently i bought my k550i from an outlet of the mobile stores(elgin road,kolkata) whereby i came across fly handsets and the sales person insisted on buying a model called fly mc 100(or something like that) 4 its good sound question is how are they,are they of china make!!.also is...
  9. NewsBytes

    Opera Mini gets Fly customers online

    Fly customers can now enjoy fast and easy access to the full Web with Opera Mini Meridian Mobile, a player in the telecom (mobile handset) industry with its flagship brand 'Fly', and Opera Software announced a partnership to include the Opera Mini mobile Web browser on all of Java-enabled...
  10. redhat

    Is Fly Hummer worth the buy??

    Friends, im lookin to buy a new cell phone I was thinkin on how bout buyin a Fly Hummer?? Any suggestions??
  11. sabret00the

    Fly Launches The 'Hummer'

    Fly, the flagship brand of Meridian Mobile, today launched its most awaited phone, the Hummer. For this purpose, French handset maker ModeLabs has carried over GM's (General Motors) Hummer license to the mobile phone. This design has been styled after the Hummer car and comes in three colors —...
  12. Ihatemyself

    Look at your photos with a 3d perspective

    * Hey guys ,check out this site..Here is a qoute from it " Make3D converts your single picture into a 3-D model. It takes a two-dimensional image and creates a three-dimensional "fly around" model, giving the viewers access to the scene's depth and a range of points of...
  13. sandeepkochhar

    Sexiest Slider Phone

    Which slider phone do you think is the best looker among these. My vote goes for Fly Hummer HT1.
  14. pushkaraj

    Any Fly SX210 users here???

    Anyone here who uses the Fly SX210. One of my friends just bought it for 10k. Lookswise, its awesome. Very sleek design. Have a look at its features here. Has anyone used it? I just wanna know if its worth buying.
  15. D

    Video Capturing in mpeg-4

    I want to capture video in mpeg-4 format directly.... I am able to use Windows moviemaker....Which encodes my file in propritery format which i dunt like....(Though Quality is superb) Big fan of virtualdub but direct capturing thru virtualdub is worst for me...It gives some hazy unnecessary...
  16. V

    fly by fly fly high

    can i get some tainers or cheat or by editing file for and beco,z i cannot compleat my flying school in gta sanandreas help guyz iam stuck! :arrow: :arrow:
  17. C

    Dragon Fly CMS

    Guys i have an account on frihost on server 2(means no mambo or php nuke). I have download Dragon Fly CMS and i want to put that on my site. I have uploaded all the contents in public folder of my site. IT is not working. Am i wrong somewhere? What shld i do?
  18. H

    GTA San andreas mission help

    Hi there....i am again stuck on two of the missions in san is with ZERO( the mission where u have to fly the RC plane and destroy 3 vans) and the other is with Toreeno ( the one where u hve to learn to fly)...i SUCK at flying....please can anyone pass these mission for me...
  19. K

    A Case Fully Made Up Of Fans.

    Today I got this link and I was surprised to see a case entirely made up of 80 mm fans. Pictures of the case: Hope the case doesn't fly away Source: *
  20. N

    How to fly

    Can anybody tell me how to fly the dodo plane in GTA3. I tried but could not keep it in the air for more than 5 seconds and that too very near to the ground. I tried in some guides but they were related to psx and they told more about techniques without referring to the buttons used. Post the...
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