HOW TO Customize Ur login screen

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saurabh kakkar

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[size=+2] If u want to customize Ur login screen like this :[/size]


then this tute if for u :D :D

->First of all u should be aware of RESOURCE HACKER and how to use it

if u r not then follow this execlent tutorial of MR. vishal gupta

->then u need any logonUI file here is my uploded file :



any Logonui file from here :

now open the logon UI in resource hacker and start modifying its Bitmap ,

string table , version part dont modify any other part


steps :

In Bitmap part u can replace various BMP files like if u want to change

background screen then :

open---> resource hacker go to-->Action-->replace Bitmap --> now replace

first bitmap with any other bitmap file

If u want to change some string like WELCOME or any other do this :

expand string table in resource hacker -- >then see the string that u wana

change --> change and compile

similarly u can change version part also

FINALLY SAVE THE LOGON UI BY file -> save as -> filename.exe

*file name can be any name

now i will suggest u to use tuneup Utilities 2007 u can use other software

Tuneup Utilities 2007 review :

DTuneup Utilities 2007 Download Trial

:D :D How to add in tuneup utilities 2007 ? :D :D

open tuneup 2007 then go to->customize analyze ->tuneup styler2->

interface->logon screen then ->add->import logon from file

now u can see the preview if alls well

hope u all will like my work


Cool as a CUCUMBAR ! ! !
nice frd ....... following steps of Mr. Vista .............

bt y play with those system files when u have LOGON studio, a freeware ........


all that fine but how do i change the positions of the usernames

lets say i want it at the left top of the screen ?????
saurabh kakkar

saurabh kakkar

D i s t i n c t l y Ahead


Right off the assembly line
hello there,

well i have been reading thro' this forum and i must say that i am really trully elated by the good work that you guys have been doing here.

My problem is this..after having gone thro' so many logonui.exe screens i want to like make my own using the good old resource hacker.

since i an new and i mean new :| i want to know how to put the user icon( 113 – icon square) and the password entry field(102 ) on the top left corner of my logonui screen and i mean direct editing of the UIFILE->1000->1033.

how do i do it. all help would be needed and one thing is this really ready to learn.

i will really be glad.
thanks in advance ...
saurabh kakkar

saurabh kakkar

D i s t i n c t l y Ahead
^^ freshprince welcome to digit forum its good that u liked work of the

members here .

regarding ur Q as of now i can't help u in this respect as of now cos i am not

able to decode the programming used in it completely but I will post its

solution soon
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