1. blueshift

    .: Great site for Windows Customization :.

    A very awesome site for almost all the Windows makeover needs. It offers good compilation of tweaks and softwares(most are free). Some of the things that you can do: Enable alpha blending Context ThumbView Undo reg Add bitmap to right click menu Active titlebar skinner ..and many more...
  2. saurabh kakkar

    HOW TO Customize Ur login screen

    If u want to customize Ur login screen like this : then this tute if for u :D :D ->First of all u should be aware of RESOURCE HACKER and how to use it if u r not then follow this execlent tutorial of MR. vishal gupta *
  3. BBThumbHealer

    Resource Hacker Help Needed : Vishal Gupta...Where r u ?

    Resource Hacker Help Needed : Mr. Vista...Where r u ? hi guys, i want to ask one thing , if we add a bitmap in the .dll file and we want that bitmap as the background of a particular dialog box , what is the syntax that we shud use in the script to add the bitmap to the background ! for...
  4. I

    Spiderman Shutdown Dialog And Login Screen

    hi guys . after the spider man release i hv been motivated to do modify my comp like a spider man one . so heres wht all i have done . ill also tel u how to do it .hope u all like it n try it .BUT BEFORE TRYING IT MAKE A BACK UP OF THE FILES MENTIONED IN THE TUTORIAL. HERES A LOOK AT MY...
  5. C

    Bitmap 2 Vector (Flash Tutorial).

    This tutorial is to convert simple bitmaps to fully editable vector art in 5 easy steps. It Can be used with Flash 3 and later versions. In response to Vicky's art here >> * Sample Art 1. Open a new file in flash. (...
  6. S

    help with C

    WELL any C programmer around i was just trying to know can we make GUI event driven programs in C with borland traditional Cany visual I am tired of using switch and old menu By the way how can we import or use bitmap graphics or any in C any code example download would be great thier...
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