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How to Copy the actual target file through Shortcut?


Ambassador of Buzz
Hi Guys,

I have a folder on my Desktop with shortcuts to Songs all over my HDD. what i require now is to copy those songs (in diff locations) to my Pen Drive using these shortcuts that i have created.

Any Idea on this?


Vignesh B

I don't think, there is any other way other than going to the file individually, and copy from there.
If you are asking on how to find the location of the actual file, then - Right click on the shortcut > Properties > Open File Location(Under the shortcut tab)


Living to Play
You can't copy the original files through Shortcuts however you can locate the file using the shortcuts and copy the file from there using the above method.


Cyborg Agent
Write a batch script (*.bat) to copy file from source to destination using dos commands.
Add shortcuts as source and pen drive location as destination.


Ambassador of Buzz
@Myth - thought the same but the problem is How do i get the source from the shortcuts in DOS ?

@gameranand - :( whats the point in doing that..i will have to take all the pain of copying one by one...anyways thanks for looking into this

Check out https://groups.google.com/forum/?fr...ic.windowsxp.general/mIyjaybWgDc/JQaH58jK6PIJ where one person has posted a vbscript to do the above...

Hope that helps

SUPERB!!!! this did the job!!! thanks a Zillion Arun!!! :)
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