1. ayush_chh

    How to Copy the actual target file through Shortcut?

    Hi Guys, I have a folder on my Desktop with shortcuts to Songs all over my HDD. what i require now is to copy those songs (in diff locations) to my Pen Drive using these shortcuts that i have created. Any Idea on this? Thanks Ayush
  2. V

    shortcuts for apps in smart tv

    I have just bought a new LG Smart TV - LM6690 with a 42 inch screen. While accessing apps, I have to scroll a lot to reach my favorite apps. Any shortcuts?
  3. socrates

    More hidden Windows tips tricks and shortcuts

    More hidden Windows tips tricks and shortcuts | News | TechRadar
  4. ritesh.techie

    Create 38 GodModes in Windows 7 and VistaGod Mode Creator

    The GodMode Creator aplication was designed to be a freeware utility which lets you create 38 “GodModes” in Windows 7 & Vista, 32-bit, with a click. There is nothing magical about the GodMode. Windows has a set of certain folders which are identified by unique strings referred to as CLSID or...
  5. mak1012

    shortcuts for run command..

    hey ppl, i just started using kubuntu.. What i was looking for is shortcuts for opening the different applications in the run 'xterm' which opens the terminal. can any one please tell me from where i can get them i tried googling but i dint find any. thank you
  6. ancientrites

    URGENT help my screen goes completely black

    this morning i installed some software after that my pc screen turns blank within five seconds all i can see is my curser. steps i took:- repair option even then it didnt work one of my friend recommended me enter ctrl+alt+del,from there click on file,you will see new task(run) and i typed...
  7. amanjagga

    Important information

    HI guys! I am making this thread to help all the chatterboxes on the net. So guys u have to help me in this. Plz!Post all ur shortcuts that u r using while chatting with ur friends with their detail description eg:- y? - why?- international omg - oh my God - National...
  8. S

    Keyboard shortcuts for Linux

    Hi, I wish to know details about keyboard shortcuts for Linux... Specifically, I am looking to know if there is any way I can use the Windows key on the keyboard, and what is the shortcut to switch between the 4 desktops provided... Arun
  9. ayush_chh

    shortcuts gone!!!

    my friend tried to open a .lnk file with IE and now none of the shortcuts on his desktops are working(except Mycomputer) , all the icons have changed....pls help.
  10. sauravktr

    Shortcut's not working

    All the application shortcut's on my desktop are now open VLC media player...DOnt know exactly but somehow .ink is associate with VLC.I can open applications by browsing C:\Program Files\ Even i cant create any new shortcut....VLC open Help me guys to restore it to default.....
  11. phuchungbhutia

    winxp desktop

    i want some help here i want to change my desktop appearance 1. i want my taskbar set at the top of the screen .. but when i re login it goes back to the bottom 2. i like the quick launchers in the taskbar .. but again the same problem ..when i relogin it disappears 3. i want...
  12. Gigacore

    Vista Keyboard Shortcuts

    Keyboard shortcuts can make it easier to interact with your computer because you don't need to use the mouse as often. View Shortcuts
  13. eddie

    Bring VIM-like navigation to Firefox

    Source: Vimperator In the world of free text editors, nothing beats the beloved Vim for mouseless navigation and keyboard productivity. Now the Vimperator Firefox extension brings the same Vim shortcuts to your Firefox experience. That means that tons of the keybindings Vim users have come to...
  14. anandk

    Browser Shortcuts.

    FOR IE, FF, Opera. 60 keyboard shortcuts to move faster in Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 F11] -- Toggle full screen mode [Ctrl][Alt][F4] -- Close all but the current tab [Ctrl]E -- Jump to Search box [Ctrl]D -- Add current page to Favorites [Ctrl]Q -- Toggle Quick Tabs view and...
  15. 144

    Never Winter Nights 2 - Kb Shortcuts

    Hi, I need the keyboard shortcuts for commands in NWN2 - Also my characters attack the enemies when I want them to stick by me and attack according to my commands. I tried broadcasting "follow me"... but its no use. This is my first time playing NWNs. I am becoming quite impatient abt it...
  16. S

    Keyboard shortcuts for Linux

    Hi All, I'm a new user to Linux. Recently I installed Red hat Linux 9 in my PC. Can someone share all the keyboard shortcuts for Linux? Like in WINDOWS, we use WIN+E=Win Explorer, WIN+D=Minimize all windows ec... Thanks, Srimaya
  17. Vishal Gupta

    TUTORIAL: Mozilla Firefox Cheat Sheet

    Its the smallest tut in this whole section! :D I got this site while searching for something. ;) * This site contains many interesting things related to Firefox, like: Keyboard shortcuts Mouse Shortcuts Some useful...
  18. qudra

    Windows Shortcuts - A heaven's guide to master in shortcuts!

    have compiled this list to serve as a reference to the technical community. I am aware that it is not a complete list. For heaven sakes I can't even remember all of these. Please feel free to add any that you think are useful that I have left out. With the help of Advance in the coming...
  19. imdbest

    Yahoo! Mail Beta ------- Shortcuts

    Yahoo! Mail Beta ------- Shortcuts Shortcut Keys to more effectively use your new improved mailbox at Yahoo! Mail Beta * or *
  20. R

    remove "shortcut to" from shortcuts

    hi, Without installing Autopatcher, is there any way to remove "shortcut to" prefix from Shortcuts?
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