How is the Toshiba 24PS10 LED TV ???


Broken In
I am planning to buy an LED TV ..My budget is around Rs 18000 ..
I am buying this for Gaming -- PS3 (mostly :-D)... N ofcourse for multimedia purpose..

I have short listed the Toshiba 24PS10 LED TV..

-24 " Full HD 1080p LED (EDGE lit :twisted:)
-2 HDMI port

-Media Playback -27 Video Formats*/ 4 Audio Formats/ 2 Picture Formats

- 20W Audio

-Dynamic Contrast Ratio 14,000 : 1

Is it a good deal??

Users --
How is the viewing angles , sound , picture quality n build quality???

Are there any other good LED TV in that price range...??


It is not so good.
Only good for people how just want a LCD and LED TV in a very low budget and are not much concerned about the quality.
Specially in gaming you won't get good results.
If you want something cheap and good then have a look at Philips and Panasonic LEDs or LCDs
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