how is asus k53sm-sx010d


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hi .I am a engineering student and wanted a laptop for college purpose like surfing web ,Photoshop ,playing games like cod mw3 , mafia ,NFS, batman at medium settings. Will Asus k53sm-sx010d will fulfill my purposes smoothly .

At what price it is available in Kolkata .
will it be benificial to buy during festive season from Kolkata.
how are Asus services in India.


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1. Yes it will fulfil your requirements.
2. At 3960INR in MD computers.
3. Asus services are good but our members had bad experiences with Rashi.


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Thanks for your answers
Suyash24seven had u bought the Asus k53sm-sx010d . How did u feel about it ? I have heard a that nvidia cards produces much heat but Asus is equipped with ice cool technology so does this really works, I mean if u r using Asus for long time with playing game does it remain cool?????
how is build quality ?
Now whether I should buy during festive season(durgapuja) or not from Kolkata , is it advantageous to buy during that period?
I have heard that festive season they give refurbished or faullty model is it true?
thanks in advance


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My friend uses ASUS and icecool technology really does works. He is using it for 3 months and no problems till date.


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It is a very good laptop....i m using it....
the lappy remains cool...but still havent tried much games
build quality and speakers r good too


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Well TBH speakers are a bit of letdown to me. I mean they are not loud enough and good as compared to Dell or HP at all. But still gyod enough for sure.


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@Karizma : I got my SX010D last week.

The following two posts will answer ur query about the games it can run :

Post 1

Post 2

The speakers are not up to the mark IMO. I don't depend much on the on-board speakers anyway.


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Hi Guys
Am planning to buy this asus k53sm next week,
i have a doubt regarding the nvidia drivers..
nvidia has released drivers(301.42) for GT 630m windows 7
Has anyone tried it???
If so, is it stable and compatible and how s the performance??
Please reply.. thanks


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Hey Guys,

I'm planning to buy this K53SM model this week.

Can you please confirm Latest street price of both version in Kolkata ?

K53SM with i5 / 4GB / GT 630M
K53SM with i7 / 8GB / GT 630M

also please mention the shop name.


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Dear lords
The price of Asus k53sm core i7 is rs48k+4%vat & Asus k53sm core i5 is 38k at m.d. Computer Kolkata.

thanks for replies

I just wanted to ask is it good to buy laptop during festive (durgapuja) season , I have heard. That they give refurbished or faulty models ?please reply soon


The issues which I have heard about these laptops is that the screen and keyboard are not good.
Apart from that they have got the best build quality with no heating issues at all.


Is HomeShop18 as reliable as Flipkart in terms of safe delivery of the products? Shopped from them for the first time last night.
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