1. K

    how is asus k53sm-sx010d

    hi .I am a engineering student and wanted a laptop for college purpose like surfing web ,Photoshop ,playing games like cod mw3 , mafia ,NFS, batman at medium settings. Will Asus k53sm-sx010d will fulfill my purposes smoothly . At what price it is available in Kolkata . will it be benificial...
  2. Vishal Gupta

    Looking for "Digital Camera"

    Hello everyone I'm looking for a good digital camera. I just want to use it for taking basic photos and videos in party/functions. I'm not a pro in this field so don't know much about the features. So please suggest a good camera which can fulfill my requirements. The quality should be...
  3. yash2006

    need suggestion.

    hi friends. i want to purchase a new g card for my friend.his budget is around 6k.he usually play games on 1024*768 at full settings.i suggested him 9600gt which would fulfill his need and in future if he needs more power then he can use 2 9600gt in sli mode. what are your suggestion friends.
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