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how efficient is Altiris SVS??????????????

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Hey guys? Anybody used or using this software frm Symantec? How effective is this software in terms of avoiding conflicts among softwares? I've heard that it is also useful for uninstalling installed software completely without leaving any traces. I am thinking of using this software.Please clarify!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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How sad ! none has replied. @yavin I am also watching this thread. I installed the software a month or so ago but have not tried yet since i did not install any new programs. May be next time I install a program, I will try and let everyone know.


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Guys... It is a very nice utility.

As it creates a layer between ur OS & s/w. So that if ur s/w misbehaves then just by deleting the layer u r thru.

Even u can export layers. So that if u re install OS, just import those layers. No need to install s/w again. :)

U can find more information HERE
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