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How do I sign up for Gmail?

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avinandan said:
How do i sign up for gmail. I'm dying to get a gmail account. please help

You need to be invited by somebody who already have a gmail account. Pl ask a friend of yours who has a gmail account to send invite to you. A person having a gmail account can invite 15 new mwmbers.


Ignorance is BLISS !!

Its hard to get accounts that way !

At least I was unlucky enough to not get one that way !

Someone in the Digit Forum helped me get one by sending an invite and (it might sound crazy) right now I am the best supplier :wink: of Gmail accounts to my pals in school or to anyone who needs one from me !



Lots of guys are crying for gmail invitation. I really appreciate your finding, gr8 guy, carry on. If you are looking for a job contact me.


Wise Old Owl
Now...you don`t need an invite...Google shows the signup for google services.. not on the gmail login page but..
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