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how are fly mobiles?

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recently i bought my k550i from an outlet of the mobile stores(elgin road,kolkata) whereby i came across fly handsets and the sales person insisted on buying a model called fly mc 100(or something like that) 4 its good sound quality.my question is how are they,are they of china make!!.also is there any good set from them within rs 5500/-.btw they look rugged.also is there any service centre in kolkata?


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Fly is UK brand. But their mobiles are pretty cheap and far behing NOkia's and SE's.

MC100 looks good with great features. But how it performs, only God knows. :)


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Users of fly are facing probs with signal quality. Plus when u can get a decent nokia / SE cell at that price, why bother to go for a mobile which does not even have enuf service centers


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Fly is a part of U.K based Meridian group. Regarding Chinese made almost all Nokia's, Motorola's, SE's etc are Chinese made. All right they are not comparable to biggies not don't lag behind much. They do have good range of phones with great designs pissing the biggies off.Don't worry go ahead for Fly.Unless you try something new, u can't stand out.


buy Sony ericssion I
Sony Ericsson .


It doesn't matter!
If u r buying a phone for short term or as a secondary phone.. U cud buy one and tell us da experience..
As far as "Chines Made" products few things must be understand clearly.

Its not true all Chinese made products are unreliable it Depends on Manufacturing Technique, Manufacturing Process, Material used and also company ethics, brand, goodwill.

Biggies such as Nokia, Sony, Asus, etc. may have their manufacturing plants in China but Supervision and technology is same as any where in whole world.


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I don't think that Fly mobiles are pretty bad like the Chinese ones. My roommate's Fly with touchscreen(Rs.5500) was working fine for the last 6 months.

And, they comes loaded with host of features at very low price points !


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But i read in most of reviews that Fly have some signal problem, and some handset also have battery problem.......


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The initial Fly phones had Some Signal and Voice clarity problems, but they seem to have been fixed now.
A colleague of mine is using it for almost an year now without any problems, except that he had charge his mobile everyday, newer models have a better battery life as well.
Don't even compare it with the Chinese Craphones.....
Sony Ericsson also has a huge number of flop handsets.
If you are looking for a Value for money mobile, go for a Nokia....
Hey, even if the mobile doesn't work well, you can sell it for a good price... SE does not command much of a price in the second hand market....
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