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Hindus in Bangladesh rattled by a string of attacks


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@lm2k - Its getting boring now, but still ....

yeh the guns argument makes sense. gonna try and use some of the guns dont kill people argument in terms of religion

religion is fun. no one will tell you this in religious gatherings, they will take it all seriously, but when it comes down to it, religion is just fun. they may say certain kinds of religions are bad and their only use is for killing people, but it's not what actually people who have fun with religion use it for. maybe we make a kick-ass omelette with religion, or a water pump in an emergency. every day people who have fun with religion invent new uses for it.
religion is pretty popular in a lot of countries. even in countries where there is no high homicide rate, or lots of violent crime, people still have a lot of religion, and use it in a safe, responsible manner. there is no realistic correlation between religion and violent crime.
the ads for selling religion have nothing to do with the consumers of religion.
people who use religion regularly best understand the risks of dealing with religion and can find numerous ways to give some meaningful contribution to the world, even with using the religion


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Please avoid posts like "and many things your party people do during riots" or "your brainwashing done by X". Don't need potshots.

Agniveer explains Manusmiriti very well. But that doesn't change the history of what happened overtime. Those who suffered and identify themselves with a particular group or something will continue to hate it. Valid for every case. And then we have another set of people identifying themselves with another group and living in a false sense of superiority complex!

Result of all this nonsense will be movies like this: Shudra: The Rising - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (I haven't watched the movie but the summary in the Wiki is ... Dunno what the director was smoking when he made the movie. Aryan Invasion Theory nonsense.)


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@mediator: Bye! This is not a forum made for bigots to come and take potshots at those they hate as you do. Good riddance too!

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I will quote my self from elsewhere in this forum

"Saying that religion causes wars is like saying that guns kill people."

We know that guns don't kill, people do. Therefore, I don't blame religion, but I blame the people/followers.

But then again, a gun in the hands of a madman will never amount to anything good.

Your analogy is very weak.

Gun is an Object and Religion is a set of instructions(crazy) that instruct people to believe in it. Atrocities and cruelty are justified in religion. So.....
With or without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.

On the other hand Guns are Technological advancement which has no Gun User manual to tell you when to use them,but religion does.


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Yes, but people could use better judgement. Unless they are hopelessly brainwashed, any sane person would know the difference between right and wrong and no tolerant person would engage in any act of violence with a person of another community.
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